D. L. > Since I joined this group,everything I have seen posted,has convinced me …

Since I joined this group,everything I have seen posted,has convinced me that if Madison were able to come home she would.It is painfully obvious she does not have that choice,yet.To those responsible for keeping her from going home,I have no doubt that you have been on this page and have seen the love for this young woman that her family,friends and total strangers have for her.And to think that there is someone out there that knows exactly what happened to her,to stay quiet makes you pure evil.You might get away with whatever you have done by keeping quiet or lie to everyone,but know this…there will come a day when you meet your maker,when you go before God and u know he knows everything,the only place you will be allowed into is pure hell.I hope you know that there is no amount of talking begging or pleading that will change that,Unless you help Madison find her way home or you help someone so that they can go to her so they can bring her home.This is the ONLY thing that might keep you from being burned in hell for eternity.You will be haunted for the rest of your days,but coming forward CAN change everything for you….just think about that when u go to bed at night.

  • D. S. > This is the same story we have as our family is convinced that if Jody could come home she would and we believe that someone some where knows and we have begged for answers and no one have come forward . They will be judged for what they have done and as we think our loved ones who are missing tonight it is knowing and praying that in due time they will have to answer for the pain they caused . Sister of Jody Hocket smith missing since Feb 20th 2009
  • D, L. >Debra I am so sorry for the pain you and your family is forced to go through.I am adding you and your family to my prayers.And it is so hard to try to keep going when you know someone knows something and they just choose to keep quiet about what they know.I don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror,or look another person in the eyes and lie right to their face,I just don’t get it.Where are you and Jody from Debra?
  • D. S. > Grande Prairie ,AB Help Find Jodi is our face book group
  •  T. S. > Even if they let these two women come home they will still only be allowed in hell because of the evil they have done by taking them, and by the pain they have caused their families.

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  • I am staying soooo PRAYED-UP for Madison to return home safely and Praying for your family and friends, for a miraculous homecoming…we all here in Beaumont, Texas… Is keeping you all in our Prayers…keep the FAITH…

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