posts copied from help find Madison Scott facebook group

come home Maddy your mom is waiting

Copied from Help Find Madison Scott Facebook Group

June 3, 2016 ·

come home Maddy your mom is waiting
someone knows where Maddy is
Please tell Dawn Scott

I’m sorry I never met your daughter! Her smile is just so inviting. I love the stories of her adventurous soul. 💗

T. R.
I’m so sorry you haven’t found your baby. Prayers You get some answers, much love 💜

L. L. D.
Sharing again on The Truckers Missing Child Project nationwide with prayers for a safe return ❤

Two beautiful ladies 🌻

Such a lovely photo.
I think of Maddy often and the rest of her family.
I loved creating the portrait of Maddy.
Much love from Plymouth, UK xxx

Please bring Maddy home dear Lord😢

Dawn and Eldon we’ll find her.

I keep up with the progress. I get so angry someone knows something from that night!!!

What a picture 💜💜 I feel the love 💕

What a beautiful picture

How I wish good news for you, hugs

My Heart aches for this family.. God Bless You. Come home safe, Maddy.


Look at those smiles. I see her camera strap on her. She must have really loved photography.

I’m always forever thinking of you all. I hope and pray that Maddy will be found. That who ever knows more come fourth. Eventually someone will spill information..
I pray so much for this amazing family to have their answers that need to come. … See More

I love this picture of you both♥️

Beautiful photo!

I can’t imagine the agony you go through on the daily. Madison is on my mind and in my prayers regularly. I pray answers are brought forth, sooner rather than even much later than to date.

My heart aches for all of you. Hoping you get answers SOON. ❤️


Now I know where she gets her beautiful smile from. it is a beautiful picture of U both.


Hugs. 💖

Content provider uses Missing Madison Scott poster in her videos

Copied from the Help Find Madison Scott Facebook Group


May 30 at 6:02 PM ·

I still don’t completely understand why Maddy’s case has made such an impact on my life but it has. I live in California but feel like I know her from everything I’ve watched and read. I can’t imagine what the family is going through. I am a Content Creator and I’ve decided from here on, I’m going to have her missing flyer hanging in the background when I make tutorial videos. At least my IG followers and other platforms, will see her and maybe someone will know something helpful. I hope it helps. She needs to be home with her family where she belongs. Pray for her everyone! 🙏🙏🙏

That’s amazing 💚 thank you so much

What a wonderful gesture.

I feel the same way and I’ve been posting her flyers in Maine

I’m in LA and using social media platforms to post #findmaddy. It’s good that you are doing this to create more awareness.

I’ve pinned her to My profile . So when people creep me , they can see her ❤️


Thank you

This is an amazing idea!!! Bless your soul. 💜

Thank you 💗

Same here..she is in my heart..Inask God everyday for her…and I know he is going to take her home🙏

That is a great idea. Thank you so much for doing this for Maddy.

So caring and kind of you Rachael 😘

Running for Maddy in the Vancouver Sun Run today

J.S. April 19 at 7:39am

Decided to get crafty for the occasion! Running for Maddy in the Vancouver Sun Run today

crafty shirt for fun run

  • Dawn Scott Awwww Jessica , that’s awesome !! Thank you and have a great run
    • April 19 at 8:39am
  • J.S. Thanks Dawn! It was fun! And out of the thousands of people I saw one other lady with a Maddy poster on her back
    • April 19 at 11:16am

Thank you so much to the crew ( Metcalf’s etc) that stopped at Hogsback

Dawn Scott (From facebook group)
April 19 at 8:24pm

Thank you so much to the crew ( Metcalf’s etc) that stopped at Hogsback this morning , spoke with my brother Brad , who was camped there , and proceeded to clear most of the quad trail today for the poker ride !! Not a day has gone by since Maddy has been missing that we haven’t been forever grateful for all the love & support

. Thank you all

  • D. M. We were glad to be able to help.
    • April 20 at 7:39pm
  • C. K.  Wow, that’s amazing!!
    • April 20 at 10:28pm

Stood sign up, Barlow lake rd Highway 27

Eldon Scott, April 18 at 8:52pm

Stood sign up, Barlow lake rd Highway 27, thanks for stopping & helping Cam Reid, MGS

fallen sign, fixed - Barlow lake rd Highway 27 fallen sign - Barlow lake rd Highway 27

These were growing wild on the trail today…..

N. K. April 12

These were growing wild on the trail today and made me think of you Mad Dawg

. You need to come home to us very soon little cousin! — with Madison G Scott.

wild sunflowers - nils

  • H.R. Come on home Maddy!! So many are waiting for you!!!red heart icon FB
    • April 12 at 7:57pm
  • Dawn ScottGreen heart icon FB
    • April 12 at 6:24pm

Facebook support <3

Shared posts from the Help Find Madison Scott FACEBOOK Page.

Greetings to Madison Scott’s family, friends and community; I check in from time to time to see if there’s any developments in this case

. My heart sinks when I see there isn’t any developments; I think about the family’s pain in not knowing where their loved one is. All I can offer is my prayers and words of encouragement. You are not alone; in this life everything begins and ends with Creator-God, whomever knows any information about Maddy’s disappearance will eventually have to face and answer to the Almighty One. Til then, we will continue supporting with our prayers.

  • S.S.Some guy on the ferry just stood beside my car and read the Madison poster. Keep reading people someone knows something

National Day of Remembrance and action on Violence against women

On December 6th many people joined together at WL McLeod for a Walk to Honour women and their families that experience violence. Ice candle holders marked with the names of the missing and murdered women line the police station and it is a powerful statement of the heartache and loss we have experienced in this community

. Maddy Scott has not been forgotten and as the holiday approaches our one wish and desire is for her to return home!  Any people wishing to come forward with ANY information should contact the Vanderhoof RCMP at at  250-567-2222 or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Alternately mail Box 1190 Vanderhoof, B.C. VOJ-3A0 or use TIPS page

maddy securedownload violence against women poster

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