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    I saw this article about this guy who lives in Nelson named Norman Pratt. He has helped the police locate missing people.
    Perhaps try him?

    Couldn’t hurt honestly.
    I’d definitely do it. He’s a psychic and has actually led police to missing people.

    • I can tell you that no psychic has ever solved a missing persons case, no matter what they tell you. Psychics are either deluded or fraudulent. They give people false hope, and have even been known to throw investigators off track. Please watch the documentary ” Is it real? Psychic Detectives” which is an expose of the lies of psychics who have claimed to have solved crimes.

  • Hi, Im 23 years old and just given my opinion. Friends you party with are not your real friends. Anyone’s capable. Her friends story just ain’t sitting right with me. Things happen, people get to scared to talk. It’s a clueless situation and you never know what people are capable of. It could of been an accident or a fight. All I know is if it were the friends I party with which I’ve known for 6 7 years nobody would of said or did anything to help me. Someone that was there knows something cause in my heart I know atleast one decent person like myself wouldn’t let a girl be out there alone like that. I’m sorry that she didn’t have better friends with her that night. To be honest, if one of my friends didn’t want to leave I would of carryed that person out of there. TO THE TRUE FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD, I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Maddie was most likely a victim of the snuff murder Inc ring involving rcmp, vpd, politicians, police chief -former and former mayor campbell….pickton are body disposal crew…she will not be found…rcmp know about bush parties….there are sexual sadist on rcmp force as well as vpd and they get away with their crimes…this is a sickness that gets bigger and bigger and has no cure….for anyone who doesn’t believe look at the lonnie landrud story at radical press and youtube….deena braem was murdered by two rcmp and lonnie landrud tried to report her murder so your rcmp tried to murder him theirselves…you have a country run by sexual sadists, baby rapers and snuff porn addicts…sad…Canadians still can’t face the truth…how many will be murdered before they do…????..see…… and read the SYNOPSIS at end of pdf book

    • I also agree with Whitney. But it is the girl with dark hair pulled up that just won’t leave me. When she was speaking I could feel the guilt. There is something there. I wish I could provide more details but all I can share is this certainty of her being involved.

    • I agree with Whitney as well…True friends dont leave you alone at any camp or party anywhere. We all know how unsafe it is on this planet. We have to many sicko’s all around us…

  • She was taken by BIGFOOT.
    gone forever
    Read “MISSING 411”

    • Lee Browning you are such a jerk these people’s daughter/loved one is missing and all you can do is make wise cracks how would you or your family feel if you were missing and someone made a wise crack like you did on this poor beautiful girls site that’s missing

      internet troll strikes again aka Lee Browning.
      lord help him!!!

  • How about someone posing as a cop or authority figure such as park ranger, game warden etc? Such a person waking her up in the wee hours of the morning, maybe with a badge, gun or flashlight, could gain her cooperation long enough to “arrest” her and get her out of the camp without much disturbance or signs of struggle.

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