If you would like to help with the Madison Scott search fund you can use the donate button:


or you can donate in person at any British Columbia credit union to account number # 80234286

Currently the funds are mainly being used for posters, bumper stickers, and shipping costs to send these out to keep the awareness going in our mission to help bring Maddy back home.


  • I just saw the Maddy dokumentury on Youtube and decided to donate some money. I was really moved my your efforts to bringing her back. I really hope that you do.

    – Jesper – Randers, Denmark

  • WHY aren’t more people following this? How can I help? I have a fairly large (16k) following on Instagram, so if there’s anything I can do from here in the US, don’t hesitate!

  • What an amazing person Maddy was! My heart is with you during your search. I lost a friend in 1995 as well… She disappeared in Bullhead City and was never found. If there is anything I can do, please ask.

  • Lukas Mocadlo

    While looking on Google Maps, my phone gave me a notification. All it had were coordinates. They read: 47.427138,-120.801298. I don’t know if this is helpful or just a glitch but I didn’t just want this weird occurrence to be lost in history.

  • Donated to help wherever needed. Mady and her family are in my prayers.

  • Kelly Wardrobe

    Donated. Use wherever it’s needed. Keeping you all in my thoughts & continuing to send comforting energy & prayers for Madison to return home to you soon.

  • Michael mcaloney

    My sister melanie is from there she grew up in vanderhoof and her other half brother Robert. I seen your posters when I visited her in Fraser lake. So sad. I wish I could help so much. Big hugs

  • Commenting from Dayton, Ohio. I just listened to Maddy’s heartbreaking story on CanadianTrueCrime podcast and I am very much touched by her disappearance and her family’s plight. I cannot afford much but I will make a small donation soon. I will also pray and send my heart to her and her family in the quiet spirit of love.

  • Alison Bentley aka Angela McEwen

    Dawn’s YouTube post JUMPED out at me – I knew I had to help ♥ They NEED to REOPEN this case – there may be new information now – since there’s new science they can find anyone! We WILL find Maddy. If you’re a mother like I am, I’d stop at nothing to find my child – I’d never give up. ♥ With the whole world looking, we are bound to find her. Hugs go out from Ontario Canada to Dawn & her family.

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