We don’t know how to even begin to thank everyone who has helped in our search for Madison. It has been amazing the effort people have put in to help us.  So many who have helped have done so anonymously, so instead of a list of all who have helped, below is a list of what has been done to help, and I am sure there are lots of items missing.

A huge thanks to everyone for:

      • time spent searching on 4 wheelers

      • time spent searching on foot
      • time spent searching on vehicles
      • time spent searching flying planes and helicopters
      • time spent searching spotting from planes and helicopters
        • search and rescue who are volunteering all year round not just for Madison
        • RCMP who have assigned a lot of resources to this investigation, and are continuing this huge effort to solve this case
        • companies and individuals producing signs large to small and thousands of poster
        • distributing and putting up the poster all around Vanderhoof area and around the province
        • all the time taken off work, and lost wages
        • all the wages spent on fuel for the trucks and 4 wheelers used in the search
        • restaurants and individuals providing food and beverages
        • numerous words of support
        • employers who have let staff take time off for this search
        • land owners who have checked thier property or let us check it
        • all the many prayers sent to Madison, the searchers and the family
        • organizing fund raisers from dances, bottle drives, garage sales etc
        • making and donating t-shirts, wristbands, name tags
        • donations of money big to small across the province to fund the helicopter search
        • the news media coverage
        • the missing person sites who have posted Madison’s information
        • passing on the word about the search, and to be on the look out for Madison or anything related to her disappearance.


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