Helping Out

Pass the word around, tell all your friends, put up posters. Make a shirt from a poster picture. Add to the positive energy of all those involved and pray for Madison’s return.

Let the RCMP know of any information no matter how small pertaining to this case.

If you have any ideas of areas which should be searched, or other search strategies that could be done please let us know.

Donations for the Madison Scott Search Fund can be made at any credit union, account # 80234286, or by using the donate button on top right of this site. More information is on the donate page.

Prince George: There has been an account set-up at Nechako Bottle Depot, 1922 1st Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 2Y9 – (250) 562-3871, to collect donations to be deposited to the fund that the Integris Credit Union started to assist the Scott family in the search for Madison.

Please take any bottles that you are able to donate to the Nechako Bottle Depot for credit to the “FIND MADISON ACCOUNT”. YOU MUST TELL THE CASHIER THE NAME OF THE ACCOUNT PRIOR TO ANY BOTTLES BEING RUNG IN.


  • Abigail Mueller

    I just watched the show that was done about Maddy. It broke my heart and I wish I could do something to help the family, but all I can do is to pray for her safe return to you. I live in Indiana so I’m unable to attend any of the Poker rides the show spoke up but my family and I will continue to pray for her and your fame until Maddy comes home.

    Gods Blessing to you always!

  • Hi there – Madison has been on my mind constantly. If I could get a bumper sticker and some posters I’d love to put them up. Due to being a student I after drive between BC and Alberta for holidays, taking different routes. Madison had been on my heart for a while now and I’d love to do anything I can to help.

  • Prayers for Madison and her Family. I first heard about this 12/25/18 on youtube. This story really pulls a person in. Its very strange. I certainly hope Madison’s friends stay close to her family. I know I would need that. Lets all pray for this young woman’s safe return!

  • I cant stop thinking of this story and gathering info. Its just crazy. But I have soooo many questions. Ive been in deep thought about this. I feel someone took this girl away from that area fast. Whoever took her, MUST be familiar with that area. Its too secluded for a stranger in town. I feel that they knew what was going on there. Thru Facebook. They scoped out the area. (I wonder if anyone noticed a vehicle pull in that area during the party, then leave. Just so they could get a visual of the layout. ) The timeline is short. Someone knew to move quickly. Whoever took her is familiar with that area. They wouldnt keep her nearby. It seems like a small town. They knew the town would come together to find Madison. People, dogs, boats, Police, Friends, Helicopters, etc. All of this could happen quickly and they knew it. Why was the tent collapsed? Were the tent poles all pulled up? Or just one side? Whoever went up to that tent, spent some time hiding nearby and watching. Once they were with Madison, would they risk being caught on the road or in public with her? I dont think so. They took her to a relatively close location. By sunrise, there could have been a full on hunt for this young lady. Who would take the chance of traveling far? Are there ANY camera’s along any roads leading to or from that campsite location? Even a camera in a restaurant parking lot? Any at all? I know its been a long time, but all clues help. They did NOT walk out of that campground. Again, who would take the chance. It may sound strange, but as a stranger to this story, fresh thoughts come easy. If I were an investigator, I would want to investigate every home, garage and shanty within 25 miles of that campsite. With a pocket full of warrants. Has anyone living within 25 miles or so EVER been arrested for a crime relating to Kidnap, Sexual Assault, or similar? Who has moved out of the area since Madison’s disappearance? Specifically, within a few months of her disappearance. Someone knows something! Again, these are just my thoughts. But being silent doesn’t help anyone!

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