• How do you download them? I need some more, and would like to print some.

  • hi
    I am interested in participating in the horse back poker ride but
    not familiar with the area being riden in.
    could you email directions I cant open the links for directions.
    thank you

  • Jordy knows more than she’s telling

  • Bridget James

    I’m so sorry for all you’ve gone through… I will be travelling to Vancouver shortly and would like to know if you need some more posters put up down that way?
    I’d be willing to put some up and pass some out for you. I can print them on my computer right? I have another friend taking the ferry over to Victoria soon, I’m sure he could put some up on the ferry.
    If this is something that would be helpful if be glad to do it.
    I hope she is found so this chapter for you and your family and her friends can close.
    Bridget James
    Smithers, BC

  • I live in a suburb of Boston. I was wondering if you had a few posters you could send me, or how do I purchase a kit? I want you to get your baby back. Crossing into the U.S. is a longshot. Buuuuut, maybe you can find someone with answers. Considering none of the people at that party seem to notice the only tent and a female by herself. I saw it on t.v. or youtube. It makes me ILL, what you guys are going through…………….
    If I cam help…Let me know.
    I will be glad to do it.

    God Bless,

  • Where can i get the posters that stick to car windows

  • Woodstock, New Brunswick

    I watched Maddy’s story today. How many of us have a friend..just like her? How many of us can relate to her? It really touched me. I shared her posters on my Facebook wall.

    With Love and Hope for Maddy. ❤

  • I’m in the st louis area and would love to put posters for Maddy put in this area, like you have said so many times awareness keep her name out there. If I need to purchase them let me know. I have watched this video so many times and breaks my heart, and it really hits home with me because I have a daughter named Madison (Maddy) so if I can help let me know, thanks

  • Hey Dawn this is Terry moore not sure if you got my address that i sent so you could send a packet of Madison’s fliers. Let me no if I need to resend it, it’s been well over a month. Thanks Terry

  • I live in California, USA and I’d like to post pictures and put up flyers in my area. I was hoping you could send me posters, flyers and any other information that I can give out? Or stuff I could purchase to give out? I want to help any way I can on my end. Even if I live so far away. You could never spread the word too far…. Dear God please bring this angel home?! It’s time.. God Bless.

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