Dawn Scott: How can it be almost 12 years that someone has kept you from us ?! 💔💔😡😡Please , help us find Maddy 🙏💚🙏💚🙏💚

Facebook Group Comments:

M. W.
Unending painful, I pray she will be found, wherever she is

R T.-Z.

Always following….always hoping

B. J.
Sending lots of prayers. Thinking of all of you❤️

T. H.
Dawn Scott my heart hurts always when you post and just don’t have answers. Sending loving mother hugs.

A. F.
Every year after the ride, I pray that the next one is in celebration of finding her. That the unknowing has ended, questions are answered, and Maddy is home. So here is to this being the last year and next year it is The Ride That Brought Maddy Home.

C. Y.
I don’t know the answers. All I know is Maddy was at a campsite and now she is gone. Prayers and best regards always. Love you Maddy, please God send her home.

L. T.
Dawn Scott
My heart aches for you…
and all your family. But being Mom is a special kind of hurt and I wish I could take your heartache away and someone speak up to Bring Maddy HOME TO YOU!!!
X O ❤️

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