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To the Scott family
I sit each night thinking, writing lines out hoping that this beautiful girl called Maddy will be at your door today, tomorrow or next week
In my heart I believe this is what she means to her family and many friends

You are the sun in the sky
You are the light shining by
You are the breeze in our hair
You’re the life we want to share

You are a very special girl
You belong in our world
We know we can’t hold you now
But you’ll be in our arms soon

When you miss us look at the moon
Because as we miss you we do the same
But, we want you to know
Your place in our heart
Is steady and true and will never cease to grow

I pray ever night for Maddy
And can not understand why the people who know something aren’t coming forward
Her family and friends have suffered so much and to you,or those that know something why are you not talking is it fear is it ignorance or is it because you just don’t give a damn do you have no feelings is your life that bad that you need to drag others down the same path…
Think about it someone will read this talk about it and you will hear about it or maybe you read this page steady to see and hear how people suffer worry and want nothing more than Maddy. Just speak up there are many ways to do it as I believe you are not stupid in fact I almost feel like your enjoying the hurt, the pain of us all.

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