C. K. > ;( Where are you Maddy??? ♥♥♥

Province article on Madison Scott Poker Ride 2013

Madison-from newspaper

  • K.K > waiting always dear one, no rest until you are home
  • E. B. > Maddy no word no sign of your where abouts please come home you are loved by so many and Vanderhoof need you back
  • K. H. > Hope she comes home soon!!!
  • F. N. > Hope you come home soon Mads!
  • B. D. > My goes out to the family, I could not imagine the hurt they are going through right now. Please come home to your family now Maddy, it has been long enough. Or if someone knows anything, it’s time, please let someone know!
  • T. J. >Always in our hearts and minds..always looking..an listening..

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