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Sandra-Wayne K. > Dawn and Eldon, and Georgia and Ben, are so unbelievably strong through all of this.

Dawn and Eldon, and Georgia and Ben, are so unbelievably strong through all of this. I am so proud of them and how they handle all of this misery. And there is HOPE, there is FAITH and the LOVE is infinite.. And I am forever grateful to the amazingly resourceful people, professional and otherwise, who are slugging it out every day to find Maddy. On my way from Vanderhoof to Prince George yesterday I was to stop and tie ribbons on the guy wires of the big Maddy sign at Bednesti and someone had already stopped there and done it. These little/big actions take place everyday and fill our family with strength and drive. Thank you to all those unsung angels out there that keep things in motion, moving forward, uncovering the truth. GO, TEAM OF ANGELS!!

  • G. M. We think of Maddy every day, and any little thing that can be done makes us feel like we are helping.

Sandra-Wayne K.> Lyrics to: HOPE IS YOUR WAY (HOME) – MADDY’S SONG


~~ Written and performed by Nils Kelly (cousin) for Madison G. Scott ~~

V1: Day after day, our hearts our breaking
We hope and we pray, the whole world is waiting for you
We hold on to faith, and pray for tomorrow
That something will break, we’re drowning in sorrow for you

Pre-Chorus: We’ll shine the light (Candles are burning)
We’ll search and we’ll fight (Everyone’s yearning)
Night after night (We’re tossing and turning)
For your precious life (All we can is that…)

Chorus: Hope is your way (Hope is your way) x 4….. Home

V2: The silence is dire, and words are unspoken
Help fill our desire, a family is broken in two
Please search your mind, your heart, and your memory
It’s in you to find, the pieces that carry the truth

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

V3: Sometimes we cry, tears of devotion
We see through these lies, the world is in motion for you
So hold strong and fight, await your salvation
Your life is our light, to our destination to you

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Sandra-Wayne K. Here are the lyrics, folks. Sing out:)
  • Judy N. It’s simply beautiful….
  • Madeline S. so beautiful, what an awesome job Nils did singing, singing through his heart, again so beautiful and moving…..thank you for posting the lyrics Sandra. I couldn’t stop listening to it last night.
  • Chrystal M. It is a beautiful song!
  • Teresa L. Beautiful. would you mind if posted it on to my status so my friends on list can see this and share it too??? ♥ xxx
  • Sandra-Wayne K. Theresa, absolutely, share with all. Thank you for doing so:)
  • TeresaL. ♥ xxxx

Debbie S. > I shared Madison’s information again tonight

I shared Madison’s information again this evening. Please let me know if there is anything else. Our thoughts are with you Madison


May 28, 2011 HOGSBACK LAKE, BC
MISSING from Hogsback Lake Madison Scott was last seen at a party at Hogsback Lake, a forest recreation site near the town — about 60 kilometres west of prince George — in the early morning hours of May 28. Police found her tent and pickup truck, but the investigation has determined that there are two items that ha…See More
By: Loved & Missing in Canada

Murray S.> article on truck sign appeal..

The trucks bearing Madison Scott’s missing may have been banned from a provincial government display, but they can still be seen at prominent business locations all over Prince George.

  • Cara J. Wow, it would be interesting to know who complained and whether or not he/she has children!
  • Leanne A. I’m glad that Northland removed their decaling as it was supposed to be a advertisment regarding Madison being missing not Northland Dodge.
  • Evelyn F. Isn’t any advertisment good advertisment regarless of the company who owns the vehicle?
  • Leanne A. The focus should be on the advertisment of Maddy being missing and that is why it is better now that the northland decals were removed to put the focus back where it should on a missing person.
  • Dean T. I am very glad that even companys are supporting Madison being missing and getting her name face out there, Who cares if it is on a vehicle of a car dealership as long as her face is being put out there for people to watch for her I am happy as one of her friends I am very happy companys are helping 🙂
  • Dean T. And they didn’t remove the decaling they are just putting the truck in different areas was at tim hortons by walmart on saturday 🙂 Sorry If that came out rude but if it was my own child I’d want her face out there any way possible
  • Edna P. We had heard about the vehicles with the posters, but had not seen them until last Saturday at the Fund raising event, I was very impressed. I say Kudos to anyone, or business, company whatever who is willing to assist in anyway possible, including the placing of posters ets, in windows or on vehicles., doorways etc. thank you you are helping get the info out the there, that the person in question is missing and needs to come home.
  • Shirley A. I think whatever it takes to bring Maddy home, Let’s do it..
  • Leanne A. I in NO way want Maddy’s picture NOT out there. My aunty and uncle are worried sick about there niece and I can not imagine having my friend or family member just disappear and I pray everyday for her safe arrival home. I was simply stating that I was glad that the focus could be on Maddy’s image and her information on the trucks so please do not misunderstand my opinion of what I stated.

C.K. > “completely overwhelmed with the love and generosity”

Wow. I have to say that I am completely overwhelmed with the love and generosity of all of the people who were involved with the benefit for Maddy tonight. I have never been more proud of the community I grew up in. Every single person’s contribution meant so much for our family and has helped us to come that much closer to bringing Maddy home. I know that the energy and devotion that was generated tonight has somehow been transferred onwards to Maddy. This is the most important thing. Thank you to every single person who helped tonight become an utter success. Any thought, gesture, or penny donated has been an incredible gift for Maddy and for the family. Thank you all. ♥

  • Heather F. Cora, I heard the event last night was amazing; I too am proud of our community and how it will pull together for people when they are in need of that support. Your whole family will be thought of more deeply this weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving and I, for one, am reminded of how much I take for granted and that I really shouldn’t. We would all move mountains if we could to get Maddy home and we all hope that the energy created by efforts such as fundraisers, prayers, searches and everything else will pay off for all of you.
  • Tasha F. Last night was amazing, its great to see a community pull together in times of need. Awsome job done by all the organizers, all the donations received and the very many people who donated so generously. Maddy needs to come home!!
  • Debbie G. Very happy for the family that the community pulled together for this. Praying they pull together as well in any information to help bring Maddy home. Happy Thankgiving , praying you get even more reasons to be thankful very soon.

Sandra-Wayne K. > So, someone evil walks among us…..

So, someone evil walks among us….. I find this very disconcerting, frightening and maddening. I believe someone interfered with my niece’s precious life….. and, mark my words, they will be brought to justice. It’s only a matter of time. So whoever is responsible, know that the universe overrules you and your darkness…. you may be all cocky and dismissive right now, but it is all going to catch up to you. How can you stand yourself??? How can those around you stand you???? Seriously.

Meagan M. Yup someone knows something…. Just look at that Jennifer Cusworth case in Kelowna she was murdered in 1993 and the man who did it is on trial now. 18 years later he was finally caught only now he had a wife and 4 children.. .. IF you know ANYTHING, put in an anoymous tip save this family the pain of years like Miss Cusworths family had to endure….Do the right thing…

  • Edna P. Both excellent comments, & I believe how many of us feel… Do the right thing.

M. S. > Truck sign

Sign I made for my truck. Madison Scott where are you?

S. A. > Lots of people searching today…

Just keep praying. It was awesome today, we where searching on quads at the base of Sinkut Mountain, we encountered groups in trucks talking to landowners,groups walking and searching brush piles, quading and lots on horseback, Lets keep it up and help bring Maddy home!!

K. K. > search Blackwater road and instructions…

Copied from the Help Find Madison Scott Facebook Group

We are asking for as many people as possible to search the Blackwater Road from the Highway 16 Intersection to the Bobtail Intersection with an emphasis on the ditches, side roads, and pits. WE ARE PROVIDING NO ORGANIZATION AND ASSUME NO REPONSIBILTY. PLEASE TAKE IT UPON YOURSELVES TO ACT RESPONSIBLY AND TO SEARCH SAFELY & EFFICIENTLY. PLEASE DO NOT SEARCH THE MAPES HALL AREA. If you find something that may be evidence please follow these steps: