C.K. > “completely overwhelmed with the love and generosity”

Wow. I have to say that I am completely overwhelmed with the love and generosity of all of the people who were involved with the benefit for Maddy tonight. I have never been more proud of the community I grew up in. Every single person’s contribution meant so much for our family and has helped us to come that much closer to bringing Maddy home. I know that the energy and devotion that was generated tonight has somehow been transferred onwards to Maddy. This is the most important thing. Thank you to every single person who helped tonight become an utter success. Any thought, gesture, or penny donated has been an incredible gift for Maddy and for the family. Thank you all. ♥

  • Heather F. Cora, I heard the event last night was amazing; I too am proud of our community and how it will pull together for people when they are in need of that support. Your whole family will be thought of more deeply this weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving and I, for one, am reminded of how much I take for granted and that I really shouldn’t. We would all move mountains if we could to get Maddy home and we all hope that the energy created by efforts such as fundraisers, prayers, searches and everything else will pay off for all of you.
  • Tasha F. Last night was amazing, its great to see a community pull together in times of need. Awsome job done by all the organizers, all the donations received and the very many people who donated so generously. Maddy needs to come home!!
  • Debbie G. Very happy for the family that the community pulled together for this. Praying they pull together as well in any information to help bring Maddy home. Happy Thankgiving , praying you get even more reasons to be thankful very soon.

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