Murray S.> article on truck sign appeal..

The trucks bearing Madison Scott’s missing may have been banned from a provincial government display, but they can still be seen at prominent business locations all over Prince George.

  • Cara J. Wow, it would be interesting to know who complained and whether or not he/she has children!
  • Leanne A. I’m glad that Northland removed their decaling as it was supposed to be a advertisment regarding Madison being missing not Northland Dodge.
  • Evelyn F. Isn’t any advertisment good advertisment regarless of the company who owns the vehicle?
  • Leanne A. The focus should be on the advertisment of Maddy being missing and that is why it is better now that the northland decals were removed to put the focus back where it should on a missing person.
  • Dean T. I am very glad that even companys are supporting Madison being missing and getting her name face out there, Who cares if it is on a vehicle of a car dealership as long as her face is being put out there for people to watch for her I am happy as one of her friends I am very happy companys are helping 🙂
  • Dean T. And they didn’t remove the decaling they are just putting the truck in different areas was at tim hortons by walmart on saturday 🙂 Sorry If that came out rude but if it was my own child I’d want her face out there any way possible
  • Edna P. We had heard about the vehicles with the posters, but had not seen them until last Saturday at the Fund raising event, I was very impressed. I say Kudos to anyone, or business, company whatever who is willing to assist in anyway possible, including the placing of posters ets, in windows or on vehicles., doorways etc. thank you you are helping get the info out the there, that the person in question is missing and needs to come home.
  • Shirley A. I think whatever it takes to bring Maddy home, Let’s do it..
  • Leanne A. I in NO way want Maddy’s picture NOT out there. My aunty and uncle are worried sick about there niece and I can not imagine having my friend or family member just disappear and I pray everyday for her safe arrival home. I was simply stating that I was glad that the focus could be on Maddy’s image and her information on the trucks so please do not misunderstand my opinion of what I stated.

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