Sandra-Wayne K. > So, someone evil walks among us…..

So, someone evil walks among us….. I find this very disconcerting, frightening and maddening. I believe someone interfered with my niece’s precious life….. and, mark my words, they will be brought to justice. It’s only a matter of time. So whoever is responsible, know that the universe overrules you and your darkness…. you may be all cocky and dismissive right now, but it is all going to catch up to you. How can you stand yourself??? How can those around you stand you???? Seriously.

Meagan M. Yup someone knows something…. Just look at that Jennifer Cusworth case in Kelowna she was murdered in 1993 and the man who did it is on trial now. 18 years later he was finally caught only now he had a wife and 4 children.. .. IF you know ANYTHING, put in an anoymous tip save this family the pain of years like Miss Cusworths family had to endure….Do the right thing…

  • Edna P. Both excellent comments, & I believe how many of us feel… Do the right thing.

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