Some photos added of Maddy Poker Ride 2016 – More photos wanted

I added a few photos of the Maddy Poker Ride 2016.

If you have some good photos of the Poker ride send an email user the contact us page with the subject poker ride photos to Murray, including your email address and we can discuss getting the photos on the site

Click on thumb nail photos to go to gallery



  • Hi. Today someone called Busty Blondes commented under this video Please have a look at what she said. It might help. Thank you.

  • Just wanted to let you know my heart is with you. I shared a link to this page on my facebook. It is the very least I could do. My prayers are with you and Maddy. #safereturnhome

  • I sadly can’t help as I live so far, never been there or even know anyone in Canada or USA to share awareness, but since I learned about her disappearance few months ago I’m thinking about her almost every day. I hope and pray that she will came back home soon.
    Sorry for my English, I can’t speak well, I’m from Europe and it’s my second language.
    Today I was checking some random place in BC on google street viewer after I watched a movie – that movie was totally unrelated but I saw Maddy poster on a shop and started crying since I checked this site (again) and realised that she’s still missing. And so I came here to tell that You guys are amazing, You are doing excellent, wonderful job in fighting to get beloved Maddy back. It’s so amazingly heartbreaking, faithgiving and hopegrowing in the same time.

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