Madison Scott is still missing after five long years. Lets keep the awareness going strong and spreading it near and far.>

Madison Scott has been missing for five years

. She is described as 5’4″, ginger coloured hair, maddy head lilted160 pounds with a bird silhouette tattoo on her left inner wrist and a left nostril piercing. She was last seen at Hogback lake on May 27, 2011. It is 25 km South East of Vanderhoof BC. Please, if you have any information call the local RCMP at 250-567-2222 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS or at


  • i am sure you have heard this from others……but cant you see that the brunette girl who was “drunk” and left madison alone is hiding what happened. i am telling you that girl knows what happened…….she probably was there and saw everything……you dont leave somewhere when you are “too drunk” and go home….usually you stay whereever you are and pass out. besides that and regardless of that, this girl is totally hiding the real story, therefore she is 100% lying. i would really look into it . her innocent by ommision story isnt working that well.

  • I am heartbroken for you and your community. Saw the documentary on YouTube and it brought chills to my soul. My daughter and Maddy share a birthday. If my daughter disappeared, I would die before giving up. Keep hope and faith…answers are out there somewhere. No one should be able to disappear without a trace. May God bless you and keep you, and bring Maddy home.

  • I watch missing people videos to try and be familiar with stories and faces. I’m so sorry for your heartache. I learnt of your beautiful daughter/sister/friend watching YouTube. Lovely community and support. I wish you all well and continued strength..

  • I would like to say that the RCMP did not do a good investigation. You clear people because they pass a lied detector test. Sociopath are good liers. I have have know about this case since it aired on 48 Hours on 2012. Always follow up if any new development. I heart and prayers go out to you guys. I always have her and all the woman who are mossing be found one day.

    • Hey , I hate to inform you but according to the criminal code of Canada lie detector tests are in admissible in court and so is all of the evidence found because of it.
      Just thought you would like to know. It sucks but it is reality.
      I unfortunately know this first hand in a death in the family caused by a drunk driver that admitted during the test and the whole thing was thrown out of court and the person walked Scott free. Not even a suspended license. Nice.

  • I think of Madison often as I was travelling across Canada not long after she went missing with my family. I remember her posters in so many of our stops in Alberta and BC. I was so upset when I watched a video on her disappearance. Her story has really stuck with me.
    I just googled her name to see if there is any news and, sadly, there is not.
    I hope there is a miracle.
    As a Mom, I can’t imagine. 1 day is too long… they’ve been looking for over 5 yrs. Wishing her family all the strength they need. They deserve answers.

  • I just came across all of this and my heart goes out to everyone involved, family…friends…and the whole community. It blows my mind how so much has been done to search for her and still nothing. Praying for some answers and peace.

  • You have most probably heard of the case of Daniel Morcombe and his disappearance in Queensland Australia.
    If not – It was a combination of the hard work of authorities who in the end hunted down the person who took Daniel from the Morcombe family forever and it is an incredible story………but only after years and years of sheer determination from Daniel’s parents who vowed that we would never forget that that this beautiful young boy was taken/missing.

    Hoping for answers for your family and community.

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