Madison Scott has been missing for from Hogsback lake near Vanderhoof since Saturday May 28th 2011. If you have any information at all please call the Vanderhoof RCMP at at 250-567-2222 or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Alternately mail Box 1190 Vanderhoof, B.C. VOJ-3A0 or use TIPS page

Subject: #BringMaddyHome

I’m not sure who is reading this but i really hope it is either Maddy’s mom or dad. i just wanted to let you know my name is Madison and i am 14 years old, i heard about this while i was doing project on Prince Rupert and Maddys name was on the missing list that was on the page i was looking on for information on highway 16. I found this heartbreaking that this was happening in Canada so i did a little research and found the first 48 video on it. I just wanted to say never give up hope! I believe Maddy will find her way home someday day! Never say never! your family is in my prayers and i just wanted to say stay strong!
Love madison

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4 Responses to “Subject: #BringMaddyHome”

  1. Andrew Faletti Says:

    Good luck on the test of the case. Even after five years, there is always some kind of hope and effort to take, as long as there are still people that care. Maddy will be in mine and everyone around me’s prayers.

  2. Dontavious Says:

    I like how yo community stand by u Maddy where ever you at truly are missed I Dont no u but I’m standing strong for u

  3. April Says:

    I watched the YouTube video and i am sure, and hope, that the girl in the beginning of the video who says that she left because she was so drunk has been thoroughly checked out… there is something not right with with her. As a mom of an 18 year old that one night did not return home i realize the terror. Thank God the police found her safe. I cannot imagine what you guys have gone through. May God bless you and never give up!

  4. Nikki Says:

    Please look into Nolan Obrian. Something about him doesn’t set well with me.

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