Team Maddy Hockey Jerseys!

At our annual Christmas ice time from Kane, Karla & Elan

. Maddys cousin Walker on the left , brother Ben , cousin Kane and sister Georgia in their team Maddy hockey jerseys .

We believe

Come home Maddy 


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  • I just saw the story on Madison missing. My heart goes out to you and your family and I will pray for her safe return. I was wondering if the police have re-interviewed all of the 50 people who were originally interviewed at the time of her disappearance. In watching show similar to the disappearance of Madison, it seems when Witnesses are re-interviewed, they sometimes change their story or remember details that they may have been afraid to say earlier. I just feel in my gut that it was someone that had to be there that weekend that someone knows something that they’re not saying. It mentioned several times that it’s a close knit community and that just gives me the impression that it was someone that had to have been there that weekend and not an outsider. Just so very sorry for your family

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