Theresa P. > The following is a statement issued by Maddy’s family and the Madison Scott Search Team.

The following is a statement issued by Maddy’s family and the Madison Scott Search Team.

Last night CBS 48 hours mystery aired a show on the Highway of Tears, which contained a story on the disappearance of Madison Scott. The Scott family participated in the show to continue awareness in the search for answers in Maddys disappearance.

The show pointed to Fribjon Bjornson as being in a relationship with Maddy and being involved in her disappearance. We want to clarify that he was not responsible for her disappearance or involved in a relationship with Maddy when she went missing. There is no connection between the two cases.

Thank you for your continued support.

J. N. > I do believe this with all of my heart. They were wrong to even throw this bone!!!

E. N, <3

D. C. Maddy’s family is such a class act! It is so sad that families have to deal with this type of misinformation at a time like this…just know that we are all praying you get the answers you need…. we can feel the love you have for Madison with each and every thing you do in your search for her. FINDING HER IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. I BELIEVE <3

P. W. We all know that this type of publicity will hint or look for “dirt” on any given story, as unacceptable as it should be, its just the way it is. I’m glad though that 48 Mystery has brought attention to Maddy’s disappearance, as well as the Highway Of Tears. We can each choose to join forces with prayers for those who have lost a loved one at the hands of another. Creator made us with a conscience, that should prevent each and everyone of us from hurting anyone – for those that aren’t connected to their hearts and are able to hurt another, we also need to pray for these lost-ones. This is so that there will be peace and unity; further, for this type of evilness to discontinue. I pray for Maddy’s parents and family. Her community. I pray this tragedy will not be in vain. I pray for the person/persons responsible for her disappearance to have a spiritual-awakening and come forth, as her loved ones need this answer to be able to continue on in life without her ~ Please, if you know any detail to Maddison Scott’s disappearance or any other victim from the highway of tears than unburden your soul and confess what you may know. Life is sacred, choose to honor that fact.

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  • It seems that there are more people then I realized who feel like I do in that Maddys “best friend” knows more then she is saying.I know that The Scotts do not think she does and I pray to God that they are right and she really doesn’t know more then many people think.In my opinion when she pointed the finger towards Fribjon she failed to realize one thing.Anytime a person is pointing a finger towards someone,the remaining fingers are pointing right back at themselves.So many people go missing everyday and I don’t believe any of them deserved to end up missing or murdered.As a parent I can only imagine the hell the families of a missing person must go through.
    If Miss Bolduc was injured she must have gone to get checked out,that’s easily verified as hospitals will have those records…if she fell in a fire some piece of clothing must have been scorched at least,where are those clothes? Until those questions are addressed I will continue to pray for Maddy and her family and hope they get their beutiful daughter back.

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