Response to CBS 48 hours show on Maddy and the highway of tears

The following is a statement issued by Maddy’s family and the Madison Scott Search Team

. Last night CBS 48 hours mystery aired a show on the Highway of Tears, which contained a story on the disappearance of Madison Scott. The Scott family participated in the show to continue awareness in the search for answers in Maddys disappearance. The show pointed to Fribjon Bjornson as being in a relationship with Maddy and being involved in her disappearance. We want to clarify that he was not responsible for her disappearance or involved in a relationship with Maddy when she went missing. There is no connection between the two cases. Thank you for your continued support.


  • See what they are doing with h Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland in the US. Podcasts. Leading to TV shows. Reddit posts. Please try this

  • So hard to read. Because MM and BM are in the US. This is Canada. But the help from podcasts and other online sources do solve cases sometimes.

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