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Plea Generates New Tips (from Opinion 250 News)

By 250 News

Friday, June 10, 2011 04:20 AM


Vanderhoof, B.C. – An emotional plea from the parents of Madison Scott is being credited with generating some new  tips to police.

“We have received about  two dozen new tips since the news conference on Tuesday ” says RCMP Sergeant Bob Vermuelen of E Division Communications. “Investigators are now focusing on tracking down the information .”

Sgt. Vermuelen says when  the 20 year old Vanderhoof woman disappeared,  investigators had  about 100 pieces of information to verify.  The plea for more information  was made by Madison’s parents at a  news conference in Vanderhoof  this week.  ( see previous story)

Madison’s mother, Dawn,  read a statement which  urged people to  come forward with information and to go straight to the police “Any information needs to go directly to police as they are in the best position to ask the right questions and use that information to help find Maddy.”

Madison was last seen  early  Saturday May 28th at Hogsback Lake  near Vanderhoof.  She had gone  there to party with some friends.  Her phone was last used Saturday morning, and while  she  is missing, her truck and two tone tent were located at Hogsback Lake.

An extensive search of the area  and a day long search of the lake by the RCMP  underwater team, failed to find any trace of her.

RCMP have 14 investigators  working on this case.

Wednesday June 8th Search Summary

I only talked to a few people so I don’t know all that happened. Walking grid search along highway turned up a couple items which were turned over to the RCMP, but we do not know if they are related to the case. More ATVing on trails and roads, and looking for more ATV trails in the Blackwater area. Members of Nadleh Whut’en band have been at the Hogsback campsite most everyday holding a vigil, and helping with searches, and bringing out coffee and snacks.

Madison Scott’s Mother Pleading for the Public’s Help in Finding her Daughter (from 94X and The Wolf News)

Vanderhoof, B.C.- “We love our daughter, we need her back home, we need to find her, please help us.”–That statement from the Mother of missing 20 year old Madison Scott today as she spoke with local media.

Here is Dawn Scott’s statement:

Thank-you for coming.
My name is Dawn Scott and this is my husband Eldon we are the parents of Madison Scott. We wanted to come forward today because it is very important for us to speak to you and the public and let you know how important it is for anyone – with any information involving the disappearance of our daughter – to come forward and speak to police.
It has been 10 days since we made that difficult call to police when we realized that Maddy was missing. To understand how difficult that call was and what has happened since, you have to understand who Maddy is.
She is a beautiful caring and loving daughter, sister and friend. She is a passionate 20 year old young woman who loves sports and photography. She has a great sense of humour and she loves to socialize with family and friends.
Maddy made plans to attend a party out at Hogsback Lake on Friday May 27th and let us know that she was heading out and that she would be returning. The fact that she did not return or reach out to us or her friends is completely out of character. And when she didn’t come home we called police and the search began.
We are thankful for the police and Search and Rescue personnel who used every tool and resource available to conduct a thorough search of the area. And then there are the dozens even hundreds of volunteers who continue to return to Hogsback Lake daily to look through the area and surrounding areas. It is hard to believe all that they done and continue to do.
We have been overwhelmed by the level of support and assistance from the community in our effort to find our daughter.
We want to say thank-you to our family, friends and the community of Vanderhoof and our neighbouring communities who continue to be a daily source of inspiration and strength. We are a private family, and we never thought we would be put into such a public position. It is extremely hard for us all and we will do whatever it takes to find Maddy.
That is why we are asking for anyone with any information to please call police. There have been many instances where information comes to us second or third hand and we are left trying to capture that information and get it to police. Any information needs to go directly to police as they are in the best position to ask the right questions and use that information to help find Maddy.
So please, it doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it might seem, call the RCMP and let them know what you know, heard or saw or think you might have seen.
We also thank the public and the media for respecting our privacy, while we focus on working with the police and many volunteers looking for Maddy. We ask that you once again continue to respect our privacy as we deal with this difficult time.
We love our daughter, we need her back home, we need to find her. Please help us. Thank-you.
Madison has been missing since May 28th.
There are currently 14 Investigators in Vanderhoof following up of 300 to 400 tasks that have been generated by this file.Anyone with information is asked to call Vanderhoof Police.2:00pm | By: 94X and The Wolf News
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