No Poker ride this year, but we are still all in for Maddy!

My niece Madison Scott has been missing for 10 years 21 days (3674 days!) from Hogsback lake near Vanderhoof. We miss her so much! I just got into skateboarding and was having a blast learning how to long-board near my house for an hour. I couldn’t stop thinking about Maddy as she is like me in that she loves sports and learning new things. She is such a fun loving young women. When I finished skateboarding I went and found my Missing Madison Scott posters and put one on my long board, and cut up another for my helmet. I have stickers on my bike and when I used to play hockey my hockey stick shaft was covered with pieces of the missing posters. We must keep spreading the word! Since she has been missing my Facebook cover photo and image are about Maddy and that she is missing. I challenge all of you to do similar things to keep the word out there that Maddy is missing and we need her home! I have found people even in Prince George who didn’t know she was missing. Lets be all in for Maddy! If you are looking for posters, pens etc, you can personal message Dawn Scott on the Facebook group, or send us a note from the contact us page.

A big thanks to all of you who have kept spreading the word over all these years, and helping Maddy’s family in thier quest to bring Maddy home.

Keep spreading the word that Madison Scott is missing. Picture of skate board and helmet with Madison Scott missing stickers.

Keep spreading the word!

All in for Maddy. Maddy's uncle holding skateboard and wearing helmet, both with Madison Scott Missing stickers.

All in for Maddy.

I don’t look happy as I am not! Not happy when I am thinking about Madison Scott who has missing for ten years!

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