Hope is your way home Video and Song by Nils

Nils has re recorded and made a new video for the song he wrote called “hope is your way home”

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  • Beautiful song. I’m still praying your family gets answers.

    I remember watching the 48hrs episode about Maddy (and the other young women who’ve gone missing or were found murdered)

    I run a search every few years hoping I’ll see an update that Maddy’s been found. I ♥️ true crime documentaries (in part because of Maddy’s story) especially when there’s resolution, some measure of justice, and seeing people / communities come together by sharing their memory. I loved Maddy & friends homemade movies… it reminded me of ourselves at that age. Telling her story has no doubt helped families living the same nightmare. It also made me personally more aware of my surroundings as a young woman.

    You’ll see Maddy again, I have no doubt.

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