Maddy Poker Ride 2019 (8 long years)

Eight very long years of searching, anguishing, wondering, hoping, spreading the news…

We want Maddy to come home!  

Show your support and help keep the awareness campaign to help find Madison Scott going. On May 25th come out to the 2019 Maddy Poker Ride starting at or near the Mapes Community hall on the Black water road South East of Vanderhoof, near Hogsback lake where Maddy went missing.

Walk, ATV or horse ride on 3 different trails. The cost of the poker hands are 25$.  With every 25$ hand purchased you may purchase an additional hand for 10$ while available. Draw cards at the stations along the trails for a chance to win with the best poker hands, $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, and $200 for 3rd, and the mystery grand prize. Sponsored by the Vanderhoof Kinettes.

The walking trail starts from the Mapes Community hall, 17802 Blackwater road then heads East on a trail adjacent to the Blackwater road, down the hogs back road then winds through the forest to Hogsback lake then up on a grassy ridge, along a natural meadow, then back to Mapes Hall. If the complete trail is walked it is around 8 kilometres.

The ATV trail starts at Dillan and Ashlee Penner’s 19715 Blackwater Road. The ATV route heads down the Fox forest service road then heads back on the telegraph trail, by Hogsback lake. The trail is of moderate difficulty and is around 40 kilometres

The horse trail starts from Jody and Jewel Volts, 10982 Goodland Road, then passes through Mapes pit up into the Sinkut hills and back. The trail is approximately 22 kilometres long.

Directions to Horse start: turn off of highway 16 onto Mapes road, there will be signs on highway, and then stay on Mapes road for 9.9 kms until you get to Goodland road on the left, Jody and jewels is at the end of Goodland road, there will be signs and people directing traffic.


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Maddy Poster 11 x 17


  • Sending warmest hugs and a call to “synchronicity” and the Universe to help bring Maddy home.
    From Melissa in Australia.

  • I just came across a YouTube video about the vanishing of Maddy so I came here to check the site and cannot believe it’s been 8 years! I’m so sorry for the family and the heartache they must be going through. Sending all the best vibes I have in me from Barcelona!

  • I just watched The Vanishing of Madison and I’m heartbroken for your family. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. I pray that Maddy comes home soon❣️
    Sending you love and hugs
    Patti from Ontario

  • I came on this site after watching the YouTube documentary in hopes that there would be an update on her whereabouts. It breaks my heart as a mother myself I can only send my prayers to the family. As a parent I tend to get a bit paranoid if I don’t hear from my daughter (29yrs old)in more then a day. Their is no closure until this beautiful girl is found

  • Hello from Australia. I just watched a doco about Madison and have shared it around in the hopes that some of my North American friends will see it and give it a shout-out. I’m truly sorry that Madison’s still missing and I can’t even imagine your pain. “Hope is her road home” so sending you my sincere hope that you are able to find closure and bring Madison home. xxx

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