Madison Scott disappearance remains unsolved (from the PG Citizen)

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Madison Scott disappearance remains unsolved

Scott, 20, had attended a party at Hogsback Lake, a Forest Service campsite about 25 kilometres south of her hometown of VanderhoofThe night before, a Friday, she had driven there in her white 1990 Ford F150 pick-up truck, pitched her tent and and camped there with a group of new friends from Vanderhoof. They had gathered to celebrate a birthday.

But around 4 a.m. the next morning, everyone left but her and she has never been seen since.

“We know someone out there knows something about the disappearance. We are asking any individual who has information about Maddy’s disappearance to contact the police or Crimestoppers,” said Cpl. Tom Wamsteeker of the North District RCMP major crime unit.

This Saturday, the Scott family and their friends will be holding the a poker ride – On The Trail To Find Maddy – in the Hogsback Lake area. Horseriders start a 10 a.m., ATVers at 11 a.m. and walkers at noon and everyone is welcome to attend.

And anyone how may have information that will help solve the mystery is asked to call the Vanderhoof RCMP at (250) 567-2222 or anonymously call CrimeStopers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


  • I just heard Maddy’s story on a YouTube video. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Scott Family. From the pictures I have seen she is an absolutely stunning young woman. The interviews I watched from the people who know and love her show that she is a vivacious, fun, joyous and adventurous individual who’s absence is felt deeply and tremendously. She appears to be a person who’s presence here on Earth made a strong impact. I will be praying for Maddy’s return home to her family. God bless the Scotts and God bless Maddy.

  • I just finished watching the story of Madison Scott. What a beautiful girl she is. I will pray for her return. Like your story says “hope”. May God give the the Scott family the strength and hope they need.

  • It’s heartbreaking, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    It may have been done already but, have you tried changing photo appearance? Photoshopping it into differnte color hair, length, color of eyes..ey,. I am thinking about she may have been kiddnaped and sold. :((

    Hope you find Madison, stay strong.

  • Hoping and praying Maddy is found. She’s clearly a loved daughter, sister and friend. God bless from Texas.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Madison’s family and friends.

    After watching a Youtube video I noticed a reoccurring theme, (assumtion) about this young lady..but perhaps I missed a segment where my idea has been explored?

    The video highlights the fact that everyone left her alone and that’s where the mystery begins…

    However – I wonder if the possibility that she perchance met someone and due to alcohol perhaps made a decision out of character – to leave.

    She was drinking.
    She was not among friends.
    The items missing, (her, her keys and her phone) are EXACTLY what a young girl would take if she planned to return.

    She could have been gone from just after her friend had left.

    If I, “read” Madison’s character correctly – she was smart and not the type to do anything that would PURPOSELY do her harm.

    However – with alcohol she would have found it easier to take a risk, (?with a man)?

    IF her character was as solid as I believe – I believe she would not have tolerated ANY incident she found objectionable. This belief leads me to think she left involuntarily with someone who initially meant no harm.

    I pray for peace and resolution to the nightmare your family has found themselved..

    God be with you…

    • ^^^ “…left VOLUNTARILY”.

      • i just seen this on you tube i hope police find who ever is responcable in maddy going missing i hope and pray that she is ok i highly think madison frend lend her pillow and sleeping bag too someone else that maybe involved in why madison is missing cause why her frend did not take with her at time she left madison but did come back to the camping site the next day after madison was gone

  • just finished reading the story about this young girl, and i would like to say to the family from me here in South Africa, that my thoughts are with you all and hope and pray that she is found safe xx

  • I just watched Maddie’s story on YouTube. My thoughts are with the Scott family as I go to sleep tonight. A parents absolute nightmare. I can’t help but think that some outsider to Madison’s group of friends also read the Facebook post about the party. I truly hope the police can find out who is responsible for this and bring peace to the friends and family.

  • I just watched this story on YouTube. I strongly believe her friend that left her knows more than she is saying. She makes little to no eye contact. I truly hope the family and the community gets answers, and Maddy returns home safely. Much Love.

  • I just read the wikipedia article about Madison Scotts disappearance. She seems like a nice girl. My condolences go out to her family and friends. I really hope that you all find the closure that you are looking for!

  • I hope this beautiful young lady is found. So heartbreaking. I also agree the group of friends that all left know more. Why would they leave her there with ppl she didn’t know or alone? That doesn’t sit well with me. Praying for her family

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