Today is the 5th anniversary of Madison Scott’s disappearance (from My Prince George News)

Madison-from newspaper

It’s been 5 years to the day since Madison Scott disappeared while camping with friends at Hogsback Lake near Vanderhoof.

“The investigation is still active and, in the words of Constable Tom Wamsteeker, there’s somebody out there who knows something and they’re just not telling us,” says North District RCMP Corporal Dave Tyreman. “Whether they can’t tell us, won’t tell us. Whether they do it anonymously, whether it’s a letter to the parents or whether they call Crimestoppers – somebody or some people know exactly what happened to Maddy.”

He says the Major Crimes unit is still pursuing information related to Maddy’s disappearance.

“In speaking with Major crimes unit, they believe this to be highly suspicious in nature and that’s why they’re involved. It’s not just somebody who wandered off.  It would be nice to find some kind of information that we can further our investigation into where exactly is Madison Scott.”

Tyreman says as time passes, circumstances can change.

“Sometimes it’s a disadvantage, sometimes it can be an advantage. Maybe there’s somebody who knows something and, as years go on, they have a change in lifestyle, they’re not hanging around with the same people. Maybe they’re not at threat by somebody else in providing that information so they may come forward.”

Tyreman says anyone with information is encouraged to come forward. Tips can be made anonymously to Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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  • Michele johnson

    I’m from Washington USA my heart aches for everyone who has Maddy in their lives the way I feel now for you I feel helpless I want to find her I can send a prayer to her guardian angels they are with her I am so very sorry for the pain and the not knowing so many amazing people care for your daughter n sister. God bless Michele Johnson u s a

  • Howard & Rose Bryant

    Why is it that every page we go to the friend who was “camping” with Madi and left Madi her name and story is left out altogether or barely mentioned? In the video she said she had to go home because she had fell into the fire??? Later int the video when she “says” Madi asked her to please stay with her she said “Well I’m really drunk” then in yet another page We found that she left with a Boy who lives nearby??? Our hearts are breaking for your family and we’re terrified for your daughter Madi. Red Flags going up all around this “friend” of Madi’s it’s been 6 years and this is unbelievable. Is Madi’s Friend connected in the community somehow that she doesnt have to answer questions and her name can’t even be used? Praying in Florida God Bless

  • I am from Seattle Washington and I just finished watching the vanishing of Madison Scott. I was so moved by this story. My heart breaks as a mother for Maddy’s mother and family. I can’t express how much my heart goes out to you all. I can’t believe this much time has gone by without a trace at all. I will pray for Maddy and her family. I hope she is found alive and as soon as possible. I don’t know how heartless a person could be to have knowledge of anything that may have happened to her and not have come forward with something. I just don’t understand it. My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to you all.

  • Hi, I’m from the UK, but even so I’ve been following Maddy’s story for so long now. It breaks my heart that so long has passed by. I just want to hear those words for you, that she has been found so you can bring her home where she should be.

    I will keep following her story, and I’ll keep spreading the word too, I’ve got a couple of friends in Canada so I’ve sent them the link to her site and asked them to share it with everyone they know. Its also on my facebook page where I shared it, so anyone in surrounding countries can share it too. I will keep asking around on youtube if there are any messages or posts put on there, in case they have found something out, and I’ll certainly send you an email if I do hear anything. My dream was to move to Canada in the area or around the area that you live. I wanted to have a single story home where I could have horses and eventually run my own searches with my horses and the help of others to find missing people, but after a battle with cancer I’m now in a wheelchair and unable to work where I live so I doubt I’ll ever make my dream come true now, unless I find an abandoned 2 bed cabin somewhere. I would certainly try and help you and Maddy all I could. I really would. I honestly can’t imagine how you and your family are coping and what your going through, but I wish you so much luck in finding Madison and I send you all so much love, stay safe, and I truly hope one day she comes home to you. Dee xxx

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