Maddy Poker Ride 2016 poster and information

On May 28th come out to the 2016 Maddy Poker Ride starting at or near the Mapes Community hall on the Black water road South East of Vanderhoof, near Hogsback lake where Maddy went missing.

Walk, ATV or horse ride on 3 different trails

The cost of the poker hands are 25$.  With every 25$ hand purchased you may purchase an additional hand for 10$ while available. Draw cards at the stations along the trail for a chance to win with the best poker hands, $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, and $200 for 3rd, and the mystery grand prize. Sponsored by the Vanderhoof Kinettes.

maddy poker ride 2016 walk

The walking trail starts from the Mapes Community hall then heads East on a trail adjacent to the Blackwater road, down the hogs back road then winds through the forest to Hogsback lake then up on a grassy ridge, along a natural meadow, then back to Mapes Hall. If the complete trail is walked it is around 8 kilometres.

maddy poker ride 2016 ATV

The ATV trail starts at Brian and Diane Ramages approximately 2 kilometres East of Mapes hall on the Blackwater road. The ATV route heads down the Fox forest service road then heads back on the telegraph trail, by Hogsback lake. The trail is of moderate difficulty and is around 40 kilometres.

maddy poker ride 2016 horse

The horse trail starts from Jody and Jewel Volts, then passes through Mapes pit up into the Sinkut hills and back. The trail is approximately 22 kilometres long.

Directions to Horse start: turn off of highway 16 onto Mapes road, there will be signs on highway, and then stay on Mapes road for 9.9 kms until you get to Goodland road on the left, Jody and jewels is at the end of Goodland road, there will be signs and people directing traffic.



Print out and post the posters to promote the Maddy poker ride 2016

Maddy Poker Poster 2016_thmb

Click on poster to download PDF


    Just recently watched the Maddy Video on YouTube. We are from New Zealand, Auckland. We are a family of Samoan and Maori descendants. We are heartbroken and whatever piece of our heart we have left goes to Madison. We believe (from an outsider point of view) of the disappearing of Maddy is “someone close to your family or Madi, KNOWS or has set it all up” & we believe that they are part of the “search” going with the flow of everything and is a juvenile. They’re now too scared to come clean. Personally while watching the video, they either have shifted Madi elsewhere. The FBI needs to get involved NOW or else it could be too late. So sorry to hear, need to polygraph again and again. All to do with jealousy. The police are useless, think it’s just another missing person to them. The nation needs to hear this. It’s definitely someone that knows Maddi well.
    much love to Mady and family.

  • I have a daughter who is thirty five now. I think about her always. I saw the video on Maddy and i am touched. I have lived in the prince george area in the past and I use to have a riding stable at Bednesti lake many years ago thirty to be exact and i know that little arctic and graveyard lake norman lake area fairly well what icanremember. I think that one should look at the activators halfway house in prince george if the rcmp haven’t already done so. There are many creeps that went through that system. Some came from the terrace area. At first i thought that it would have to be someone she knew because she was taken away from her tent obviously. But then i thought it could be a stranger who was worried about someone coming back to the campsite at anytime. It is just an idea and may be a dead end but i do think that the rcmp are quite efficient in polygraphing and every one was cleared. So that leaves us with a stranger as far as i can see and maybe this guy or maybe woman but highly unlikely because she could have fought off a woman. Or maybe it was two guys because it sound like she was quite capable of taking car of herself. so if it was two then the odds are better that one got convicted of a sex crime and went through the system in prince george. Just an idea but maybe no one ever though about this angle. I am so sorry for what you people must be going through and i hope that there is a closure in this case for the families sake. there is a lake by graveyard lake with a trail (cut by a feller bunched in the wintertime I’m sure that leads to a backed up beaver dam where i use to fly fish for trophy rainbows. I am trying to remember if there was an old cabin back in there but someone would definitely have to know the area to even find this backed up beaver dam. I live in fort nelson now but my son still lives in prince george. His wife is having a baby in july and I will be there to see my grand daughter and i would be willing to go there and walk into this pond and look around if that would help. Just an idea and i will have trouble finding it but i am sure i can. I havent been in there for thirty years.
    Yours truly
    Jim Beck
    ps iam at my store in fort nelson right now but i now live in calmar just outside of edmonton
    I still have a bc cell phone 250-321-3034

  • missing 411, mysterious Disappearances —— It’s not humans did this, it’s reptilian race took her.

  • she was SO beautiful im soooo sorry for your horror and misery that you must be going thru, i watched the docu..and held my breath the whole time ,, i feel so sad.. why ….WHY…… do there have to be sociopaths and predators,,WHY?

  • theoriginalonegirlrevolution

    I’m sorry for everything you’ve gone through. The friend that left the campsite knows what happened to her. I agree. Jealousy is a terrible thing.

  • To Madison’s family:
    I have studied this case for four years now and I want you all to know, we still have her in our hearts and we will never forget her..
    We all need to keep these tragic happenings in the spot light..

    Deepest Sympathy, Dave Foster

  • Howard & Rose Bryant

    My wife and I just watched the youtube video and our hearts are breaking for Madi and your family.We are parents and grandparents and our prayers from this day until Madi is found will include you all. In the video Madi returned home at 9:30 pm to get her tent poles and then her friend said they partied and she fell into the fire and went home being quite drunk? What time was that? She stated there were only about 5 people left at the party that narrows it down considerably I would think as well as the time line.As hard as I might I’m not trying to be judgmental but the friend bothered me and my wife. Maybe her memory was impaired but she doesn’t seem as forthcoming as all the other friends and family. Granted this is one opinion based on a heart wrenching video into the worst time of your lives. Know that our prayers our with you and with Madi. God Bless Howard and Rose Bryant LeesBurg,Florida

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