Encouraging words from Maddy’s uncle

I haven’t written here for quite a while, but I haven’t stopped constantly thinking about my fantastic niece Madison

. I think of her when I see a sunflower growing in a garden, or a plastic one at the ice cream stand, when I play hockey as it is one of her passions, when my teenage girls are figuring out who they are and stressing me out in the process, looking at a beautiful sunset or a picture of one as she loves taking pictures, when I see a tattoo on a young women, any time I read about another missing person,
watching a motocross bike carving out a line,
yes I think about her all the time.

We will never stop, looking, hoping, loving, missing, thinking, about Madison!


  • I remember this case on TV—so sad.I am also watching a video on You Tube.
    I hope and pray she is found someday so her family can have some kind of closure.
    May God bless Maddy and her family.
    Either way,God knows what happened and he will make sure that whoever is responsible for her disappearance will pay.

  • Lord please give there baby girl back

  • I can’t imagine the pain this family has gone through the past few years. Watching this documentary really hits home….. and hard. I myself have a daughter named Madison and just hearing the name and that she went missing brings tears to my eyes. I pray for a miraculous ending and would do whatever I could to assist in bringing her home safe. I am from the Washington DC area and will follow this story until closure. The Scott family, please stay strong for Madison, you are doing everything in your power to bring her home, maybe God will give you a little help as you truly deserve it. You all will be in my prayers. Maddy’s Uncle…. I have lost a nephew, not to natural causes or accident, and believe me it is like loosing your own. I prayed with my brother before loosing his son and every emotion possible runs through your body. Stay supportive Unc!!!

  • Look, I know this is a painful thing to deal with and I know that everyone just wants to see this resolved but if I were in this situation and couldn’t locate a missing loved-one, I would contact a psychic with an established reputation.
    Some of these people work with police departments on a regular basis.
    Cold cases, those which have been unresolved for years, are sometimes solved because some piece of information that a psychic reveals can put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    James VanPraagh

    Chip Coffee

    At this point, could it really hurt to check into this?
    There are other people that some police departments might recommend, local people, who could help.

    God be with you.

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