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  • dear dawn,
    hello dawn my name is lazaren.i just recently discoverd about the dissaperance of maddi and to be honest that’s all I can think about at this point. I really wish I could go over to Hogsback lake and search for her myself . I know I don’t know maddi but I honestly feel like I knew her all my life . she was a very brave girl to camp out on her own. she was a beautiful women as well. it kills me that there’s no trace of her at all! I have a 3 year old daughter and I could just imagine how it would feel . I just can’t imagine the feeling of not knowing. I pray to God that one day the truth with come to the light or maddi will give you a sighn that she is okay and that she is safe in heaven. I still have hope that she is alive . god bless you and your entire family and I pray everyday for you guys. much respect for you and your husband.

    love lazaren .

  • I just watched the material about Maddy @ youtube. I feel so sorry for her and her family. I hope she’ll return home some day. My own daughter is 13 years old and I can’t really image what this is like for the parents and family. Don’t give up!

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