• Hi, I have contacted you before by e-mail and sent you a letter with 40 pages of information you have not replyed to. Does this web address work? It is quite understandable for you to be focused on the abduction of your daugther. Don’t you realize there has been alot of people missing around here. You are not alone. Nobody seems to care about my friend. Gordon Lamont Jr. The kiddnapping I witnessed. There are 1700 missing people dissappeared in BC and I suspect that does not include people from out of province. Those are the RCMP own figgers. Cst. Kathy Bullock unsolved homicides Surrey.

    In 1985 a girl named Sophie Lee was murdered in Port Alberni. She was about 14 and attended ballet lessons after school then walked to her parents restaurant from there. This ment on certain days at certain times she walked through the park in the center of town. They were waiting for her. This abduction was witness by a old lady sitting in a second story window and she recorded the licence plate number and reported it to the rcmp. They searched the truck. They must of had her on the floor, but she got a hand free and wrapped her gold braclet with her name on it around the springs beneath the bench seat. When the truck was scearched the rcmp found it and the sikh was arrested. Then her body was dumped along a logging road and burned. The rcmp showed up cleaned up the mess. Ujjal Dosenge, Atturney General ordered the coroners report sealed and they covered it up. The arresting officers resigned. Now that coroners report must cross the floor of the bc legislate implaciating high ranking rcmp and the atturney general in organized murder.
    They refuse to do so. The chiefs have walked out of the missing womens inquiry, have demenstrated in front of parliment a year ago, have deposed the grand chief Shawn Attleo, and are meeting May 14 to elect a more militant leader. The rcmp and the bc legislate cannot be the last people in physical possesion of the dead body of a murdered child and refuse to testify. I don’t want to be blunt, but if they will go to that extent to cover up that murder, What makes you think they will do anything to help Matison?
    They refused to take a statement from me. If someone wittnessed your daugthers kiddnapping they would do the same. We must focus on Shophie Lee to save the living victiums held inside the temples. They need your help. Do you refuse to accept things written in a dictionary? I don’t make this stuff up.

    The sikhs worship opium as the physical manifestation of death.

    Fact sheet

    Old dictionary; Thugee , Kali, Peer of the realm
    Google; Sajjan the thugee, Kali, Opium eater
    Physical ;obviously intoxicated with bloodshot eyes and opiated pupils.
    Medical; Heroin phycosis, Opium rots the brain. The fluid that surrounds it does not circulate and turns to pus.
    Map; The tribail region of northeast Packistan. The golden cresent. where opium grows as a weed. Kaistan.
    Coroners report; Shophie Lee. Port Alberni 1985
    Military; David Mackay, victoria cross
    Law; Sikhs are subject to capital punishment in asia. Operation Bluestar in India
    Religion; Sikhs are not considered a religion in India or asia. No public doctrine.

    Please do something to help Mattie. Look it up, Confrount the rcmp only they can save the living victiums. Once this goes to a public accusation it will be to late to help.

  • Madison’s story is feature in Swedish magazine Aftonbladet today. Our prayers are with her

  • I pray for you Mattie. I’m not quite sure what keeps me gravitating to you, your story it this site. I spoke with your Mom and she offered to send posters. I did not receive any. but I have a storage problem and trouble syncing My gmail in and out boxes. Maybe she did not get my address. Oh, Dear Maddie, what can I do to help and WHY OH WHY WERE YOU LEFT ALONE BY A “SO CALLED FRIEND”?

  • I don’t think she was left alone . I hate to say this and it hurts my heart to have to say this . Jordan is lying about the whole night . She never left Maddy alone in fact she didn’t leave Maddy until she knew Maddy was dead and she did it she did something to Maddy maybe it was an accident or maybe not .

    • I couldn’t agree more Angela. I cannot believe how unbelievably incompetent the cops are to have actually ruled her out as a suspect…it’s sickening. I mean this is 2+2 for God’s sake. And I’d bet the house they never even checked out Jordan’s cellphone records for that night. I guarantee they won’t put her at home sleeping, that’s for sure. Oh, that’s right, I forgot, she passed a lie detector test. As if any sociopath couldn’t.

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