Chinese New Years wish

1927086_10153830486665323_784285628_n This is our Chinese lantern we set off on Saturday. My wish for the Chinese New Year is for Maddy to come home!

Please share the video, radio interviews, continue to pray, use the  stickers and posters and search your heart if you have any information please contact the RCMP. You can remain anonymous. Maddy is very special and is missed dearly by her family and community!

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  • I just wanted to tell you that I am praying for Madison and for your family. I saw the video that you put out a couple of months ago and my heart breaks for your family. I check in on your website periodically, hoping for good news. I have not forgotten your story, though I do not live near you (I’m in Manitoba) and I don’t know any of you. Just wanted to send my love and support. I wish I could help.

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