C. M. > Yellow ribbons for Parade of lights & Maddy,

The Parade of Lights is this Friday!! I will be tying yellow ribbons on the lamp posts down town! If anyone wants to help or if you want to join in and tie them around a tree in your yard or if you have an antenna on your car (cause newer models don’t ) tie one on there too!! Show your support with a yellow ribbon! I BELIEVE!!!

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  • A.R. > I LOVE this Cathy!!!
  • T.J. > mine will be up soon! I BELIEVE!!!
  • E.B. > I will do this at home in FSJ I Believe
  • T. J. > Our yellow Ribbons are up!!.. to all.
  • C. M.>  I am hoping to get the yellow ribbons on posts tonight and hoping I can get some help! Anyone interested can just comment on this site thank you
  • D. C. > Will find some yellow ribbon today..we will do as many as we can today… What a visual way to show our support for Maddy and her family…come on everyone lets make it look like the yellow sun is shining down on all that believe ….as Maddie’s float goes through town Friday night ….I BELIEVE
  • C. M. > I have all the ribbon at my store!!
  • T. P. > you gals are awesome!
  • C. M. > And the Ribbons are hung to the lamp posts with care, for the Parade of Lights, hope to see you all there!! BELIEVE!!
  • C. M. >  And big thanks to D.C.  and H. W. !! We did run out of yellow ribbon and I don’t think there is any left in town! So unfortunately not the whole parade route got done!
  • H. S. > I have some at the store Cathy Rae Malo…only a couple rolls, but your welcome to it
  • C. M. > Thanks Heather!! But I ran out of time ! But if someone else wants to do it they can go see you!! Thank you!
  • T. J. > Oh if I wasn’t so sick!!.. I’d be there in a flash to finish putting the ribbons up.. So sorry.. an wish I could.
  • C. M. > It’s all good Tina! I know you would be there ! Take care my friend ! It’s a wicked cold going around!
  • T. J. > Thanks.. it sure is!!… and a part of me just wants to push through and do it though..

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