Excerpt from article on Fribjon Bjornson (from CBC)

Complete article at CBC

Excerpt from article on Fribjon Bjornson:

The community of Fort St. James is also trying to find ways to solve Bjornson’s death, along with other disappearances that have shaken the community


Madison Scott went missing on May 28, 2011, after attending a bush party near Vanderhoof. Her truck and tent were later found at a campsite at Hogsback Lake, south of Vanderhoof.

Even though Scott and Bjornson knew each other, police and their families say they don’t believe there are any links between the two cases.

The area is also linked to the surrounding communities by Highway 16, the so-called Highway of Tears, where at least 18 young women have disappeared or been killed, often while hitchhiking, over the last 40 years.

Bjornson’s parents are now asking hunters and others in the woods to keep an eye out for anything of interest, including clothing, personal effects, even human remains, before winter snows cover what could be key evidence in the case.

“Please. Help me. Help me find my baby. Bring my son home,” said Eileen Bjornson.

Complete article at CBC

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