C. K. > I would like to start something new here today.

I would like to start something new here today. 21 years ago Dawn and Eldon were blessed with their first beautiful daughter. Eldon Celebrated every Fathers Day and Dawn celebrated every Mothers Day with her until Someone took her away from them. I feel for Eldon today, I felt for Dawn on Mothers Day I felt for them on Maddy’s Birthday, Christmas, Easter and everyday I know they miss her everyday. There are a lot of people that miss her everyday . I would like to start something new here and keep it going as long as we can. It is just information if we can gather information from all of Maddy’s friends and anyone one else that was at the party that can remember anything to go with the following. Write down anything you think even if it does not seem important. Start with Who was there. Who was there you knew or did not know. What happened anything, fun, unusual or was it the usual party. What was the party celebrating. When was Maddy last seen by each friend. What did you talk about. who did she talk about. If everyone keeps answering just the little things that start with Who ? What? When? Where? Between all her friends and the people at the party we can find where she is.

  •  C. K. We need to brainstorm and just talk
  • E. B. A very good idea to a new start now come on young adults whom were at that party as your wishing your Father today Happy Fathers Day ,think of Maddy’s father so please really think and do the Who? What? When? And Where? So that we can bring Maddy home and they can celebrate all those special days. I am a mother a grandmother and I can still remember little incidents from parties I was at when I was 17 so I know some of you also know or can remember what I really don’t know is why no one that was there has nothing to say its frustrating , it makes me angry,it upsets me everyday I look here and see not hat this family are still suffering , still have no answers and again I wonder why … It’s been said many times if your scared or if you’ve been threatened not to speak you don’t have to type a letter drop it in the mail, do star 67 and call crime stoppers it can’t be traced but better yet be the better person here , the honest one and step up to the plate your words of what when where and who will only help and can only help you also as I can’t imagine how you can sleep ,go out or enjoy life without it destroying your self it’s a small community I find it so hard to believe how Maddy was such a terrific young lady and not a single person at that party has nothing to say and you all were friends….so please do the right thing and do it soon let the town of Vanderhoof have that beautiful smile of Maddy walk down the streets once again..
  • C. K. Lets go friends just start thinking and writing
  • S. D. I never met Maddy but i feel a connection…don’t really know why. I have some thoughts and wonderings about what happened although i’m sure it’s nothing others have not thought and wondered about.
  • C. K. thought this was a good idea to get some brainstorming done but i dont know not much action.
  • S. D. ok..well..i read her cell phone was used 4 hours after she was last seen. Is this true? Is there cell phone access in the lake area? Does this indicate that she was no longer in the area. Can the rcmp tell where the call was from? this is just one aspect i wonder about.
  • S. K.  Sheila, thank you for you concern:) Yes, the cell phone usage has been reviewed and there is cell phone service in the Hogsback Lake area. We are not privy to details of the police investigation, for obvious reasons. I have all the faith in the world that they are on it. Keep thinking, though. Any idea is worth looking into. Thanks, again:)
  • S. K.  The people at the party have been asked to do this brainstorming thing from the beginning. I have no idea if they have done anything of this nature or not. They remain invisible, for the most part. I don’t understand it. They live and breath in the same community that their friend disappeared from, and from a party they all attended with Maddy. It seems so sad and unbelievable that they haven’t taken the time to do this. I bet none of them would go and spend a night alone at Hogsback Lake. And I am sure that Maddy had no intention of doing that either. I won’t be surprised if it is some little thing, seemingly insignificant, that tips the scale and the truth comes out about where she is. I hope those at the party are inspired to dig deeper and give it a lot more thought about just what went wrong that night.
  • C. K. lets hear from her friends now does anyone know if Maddy used her cell phone to call any of her friends that were at the party? Someone to maybe come pick her up think think think.
  • L. F.  I have a questin for those comming back to clean next morning.. Why did you not check her tent if it was up and her truck was there? There are two ligic reasons: 1. You knew she was not there because you saw her leaving with somebody or that she was planning to do so..and 2. That you knew she was staying there with somebody.. The not disturbing her sleep part is not standing.. The cleaning must have taken a while and i would want to see how my friend is… Even just for fun and company.
  • D. C. Sandra have you thought about posting something like this in our local paper? Your postings here have touched our hearts…but perhaps the people who need to read this are not getting the message because they are not part of this site. Anyone reading anything you post can feel the love you have for Maddy..we can also feel the pain…just a thought . Take care.
  • C. K. Thank you Lavinia for your input. Yes makes you wonder. This is why this is so important someone may have seen her walk away or say to someone i am going ______be back. the partier s have to keep thinking what was said or not said are you sure she was the last one there alone____?? What happened. Who was angry why who was crying why??? all these little things are going to help us put the puzzle together.
  • C. K. Donna there are friends of Maddys that were at the party that are members of help find Maddy and if they are not they should be because I know if my friend was missing i would not ignore the facts and possibility that i may remember something that can help. I not only would want to help for my own sanity but for all my friends at the party. I would want to help find my friend and as long as my heart was beating i would never stop.
  • S. D. Sandra..can anyone see this Facebook page or just members? I hope it’s open to the public . People involved in the disappearance might not want their name on the friend list and so would not see any of these posts.
  • S. D. My feeling is that Maddy would have arranged to go with a friend and stay over to perhaps avoid drinking and driving.. does anyone know if she drove out there alone or not? Did she have a special friend or friends that she would have arranged to have stay with her? I am certain she would not consider staying alone.
  • S. D. I read somewhere that the tent was not up but was on the ground when people got there the next day. Is this true?
  • C. K. This was not meant to inform people of what is said to be true or not. There is lots of info in the media about what the police did find. This is just meant to talk and give any possible info that may have been missed. someone may remember something else now? things like that more idea not questions. Like what did Maddy talk to her friends about that night. Who was there that they did not know.
  • S. D. Yes, I’m sure anything that might help to find Maddie is extremely important.
  • T. F. come on step up with thoughts whoever was there!?!??! I wish I was there and could help with the unanswered questions.
  • J. N. Friends that really care should also want to know who is responsible too!!! or maybe you just were not her friend and you made her believe that you were?????Time to get real!!!!
  • S. D.Perhaps questions might trigger memories . Like the tent. Apparently someone said they did not look in it as they were afraid they might disturb Maddie. but if the tent was down..why even say that?? a small point maybe but a matter for thought. Maddies purse was in the tent which indicates that she was going to sleep otherwise it would have been locked in her truck..wouldn’t it? Does anyone remember ?
  • J.N. There are a lot of issues that don’t add up in this saory!!! the pieces don’t fit and the worse part is, SOMEONE knows something!!! Grow a backbone and do the right thing!!!
  • S. D. ‎1-800-222-8477 Crime stoppers..just do it..no one will know it’s you !!
  • S. D. who ever you are !!
  • Janice N. They will give you an ID number, no names invloved!!
  • Cindy K. Cleaning up some of my photos today rearranging them. I have some great ones of Maddy sure wish i could see her now
  • Cindy K. how disappointing that no one that was at the party has anything to say

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