S. K. > … I cried and cried for you ….

I am going to live on the edge and say a few words on Maddy’s wall: Maddy, I was out walking Rudy earlier today and the sun on my face was your treasured smile, the blue sky the promise that you are okay, the lustrous snow the sign that you will be found. I cried and cried for you in the sun under the blue sky and my tears fell, fittingly, into the quad tracks I was following through the field of snow..,reminding me of your love for quading and all things outdoors. I then bought a beautiful spring wreath for the front door to help guide you back to us. I asked for some tiny sunflowers to be added to the spring flowers. Can you feel all this love and pull you have in this family of yours? Please be found, please come home. ♥ MGS ♥

  • T. J. Hugs an Love to all of you. my heart is breaking reading this.. I pray with you too.
  • M. S. again Sandra, you brought tears to my eyes. You would think the shear force of all people praying and wishing she would return would be enough. I know your tears in the tracks will lead her home.
  • T. F. ‎((((Sandra and Family)))) Your lack of posts lately has made my heart break even more for your family, trying to imagine how hard this must be on all of you. It truely is the worst thing that any parent, family member, friend could go through… not knowing, not having answers….. 🙁 There just are no words, nothing that can be said or done that can make this any better for anyone… nothing but the truth coming out! I wish I had the truth and answers to give you all.

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