I. K.> An RCMP investigator tracked me down..

An RCMP investigator tracked me down when I was in Fort Saskatchewan to interview me. I hope it helps to know that they are being very thorough.

  • M. S. thank you for being dedicated to this case RCMP! and thank you Ian for letting us all know about this, as it continues to give hope to all.
  • S-W. K. I am impressed. The RCMP are on it. I have faith.
  • I. K. This was in June, just thought I would clarify that.
  • S-W.K. Thanks for sharing this, Ian. We really appreciate hearing things like this. It gives us a greater sense of the scope of the investigation and it is always encouraging to hear how cooperative people are and how thorough the RCMP are being.. I hope and pray she comes home today!

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