Love of Life, poem by Shirley A.

Maddy,brightens the room, by just coming in
With some good-natured fun,and a mischievous grin
She’s a joker and clown,she turns pranks into art
But she doesn’t mean harm,since she has a good heart.
Her great passion for life,takes her to the outdoors
Maddy truly likes sports,in the snow,fields and shores
While she’s biking through trails,when she’s boarding down hills
When she’s playing hockey with friends,from all sports she finds thrills
Maddy loves taking pictures
And would survey the land
She’d gallop off on her horse
Camera in hand.
And she works hard all day, with mechanical skills
Maddy puts in time,to earn pay for her bills
As a hired apprentice, in her Dad’s big old shop
She would work hard til she dropped.
And Maddy loves music, and radio’s tunes
She enjoys funky songs and all hip hop tunes
Plus, she liked rock bands,with their potent guitar
She thinks music should be;found wherever you are
She’s especially known,to be there as a friend
If you’re stuck in a jam,then her time she will lend
She’s known for her laughter,for her rescue we yearn
We pray she is safe: always hope she’ll return..

  • Heather P. Swanson this is so beautiful I was reading it out loud to my husband and I couldn’t finish it choked me up – oh Maddy our hearts our filled with love for you and we will NEVER GIVE UP HOPE for you to come home! ♥
  • Chelsea L.
  • Wendy R.
  • Edna P. beautiful poem, no question of givin up on hope, will continue to believe Maddy will come home

Sandra-Wayne Klassen This is the big picture of Maddy:) Thanks, Shirley, well done

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Judy Clow This is lovely…it paints a beautiful picture of a beautiful girl!!

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