by Sandra-Wayne K. on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 9:53am

*Madison Scott, our niece, disappeared from a campsite near Vanderhoof 2 months ago. She is still missing.

We need to find her and bring her home. Please help.

Sunday, July 24 · 8:00pm11:00pm


For Help Find Madison Scott
 Why   To collectively send our love to Maddy, full-throttle,to help bring her home to us


I am proposing a GIANT HUG for MADDY on Sunday, July 24 at 8 pm. Hug yourself, someone else, send your love to Maddy….. with hopes that she will feel the power of our collective love and to bring her home to us all ♥
Say her name out loud.
And keep up the HOPE, LOVE, FAITH!
(Please kindly pass this on)

From Sandra’s note on her facebook page
Hug yourself, others you are with, wherever you are, say her name out lo

         Keep the Faith, Love, Hope!
      Please kindly pass this message on – the bigger the hug, the better!
                                                         Thank you all:)

Comments are in full post:

  • Gudrun S. Thinking of you every day Maddy and hope we meet again ♥
  • Gail H. here is a big hug from my family!
  • Wendy W. Count me in.
  • Linda P. don’t know if this will help, but, it can’t hurt!
  • Cynthia S. yes i will be doing that at 8 hug my son, my prayers too family and the anguish they feel, i would absolutley go nuts if my son ever disapeared. love, strenght & courage too family, friends of maddy
  • Prayer Warriorette, What a sweet idea, we send hugs to Madison. We pray that she will be found soon.We also send prayers forth for her parents, family, friends and community’s strength and courage.
  • Amanda N. With FAITH and HOPE we pray in LOVE for her safe return.
  • Melinda S. This is an amazing idea!!!
  • Sheila R. Giant hugs to the family and Faith and Hope contiune Love to you all
  • Vicky F. What a great idea, Sandi. We continue to send Love, Faith and Hope.
  • Edna P. Hope, Love & Faith – and giant hugs, to family & friends from Kamloops
  • Willem N. Sorry, of course this is something great to do, but as I type this, I can’t do anything to stop my tears though.
  • Sandra-Wayne K. I hear you.
  • Gudrun S. Thinking of you every day Maddy and hope we meet again ♥
  • Sylvia M. We think of her every day
  • Char M. Still not giving up hope that she will be found.
  • Cathy M. Thinking ,praying,hoping!!Everyday till you are found!I will always watch for you no matter where I am!
  • Tracy Q. I am still praying everyday! Not giving up hope that she will be found!
  • Mini V. We keep praying for her return and strength for DAwn and Eldon and the rest of the family. My heart goes out to all of you.
  • Marion R.  I think of her every day and keep hoping she is safe and will turn up one day.What if it was one of mine, unbearable to think about.
  • Marcia K.  I’ll pray for the Lord to wrap his arms around her & their family at this time and that they would feel the presence of the Lord and his love for them. There is nothing like a surrounding of the Holy Spirit and washing of the love of God in Christ Jesus! Its an internal hug thats amazing I tell you! What a wonderful idea God bless your heart Sandra.
  • Anna P. ‎♥
  • Deb B. still HOPIN and PRAYIN hard for your safe return home to your family and friends….
  • Pat L. I never stop thinking about Madison and praying for the best possible outcome. I will put as much positive energy into this hug as humanly possible and more! Hope, love, faith!!!
  • Sandra P. Our prayers are with Madison and those who love her .
  • Heather S. I think of Maddy every day and say prayers for her – I am honored to be included in this event, thank you!
  • Shelley R. Where are you Maddy??? Please give all of us some energy so you can lead us to you……we are going crazy,and we love you.
  • Judy N. Great idea Sandra…..Positive energy is powerful….
  • Ruthie S. Wonderful Idea !! Hugs to all of you as well,
  • Vicki E. I will be giving a huge tight bear hug to someone and thinking of all involved
  • Janis L. Count me in!!

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