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Darren J Douglas made this beautiful video with Nils song. Let’s find her and bring her home!!


~~ Written and performed by Nils Kelly (cousin) for Madison G. Scott ~~

V1: Day after day, our hearts our breaking
We hope and we pray, the whole world is waiting for you
We hold on to faith, and pray for tomorrow
That something will break, we’re drowning in sorrow for you

Pre-Chorus: We’ll shine the light (Candles are burning)
We’ll search and we’ll fight (Everyone’s yearning)
Night after night (We’re tossing and turning)
For your precious life (All we can is that…)

Chorus: Hope is your way (Hope is your way) x 4….

. Home

V2: The silence is dire, and words are unspoken
Help fill our desire, a family is broken in two
Please search your mind, your heart, and your memory
It’s in you to find, the pieces that carry the truth

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

V3: Sometimes we cry, tears of devotion
We see through these lies, the world is in motion for you
So hold strong and fight, await your salvation
Your life is our light, to our destination to you

Pre-Chorus and Chorus


Tomorrow is the 28th of October so it is MADDY DAY (unless we find her today, of course)

. We need to get the love to her so I suggest we each buy a bag of Hershey Hugs & Kisses and have one of each every day until she is found. Chocolate works wonders, kisses and hugs too, and this search action is doctor and dentist approved (!). No, I do not have shares in the Hershey company:) Chocolate just might bring our girl home! Maddy, chocolate, love, faith, hope, COME HOME ♥


Thanks and appreciation for the benefit fundraiser

We are writing to express our thanks and appreciation for the benefit fundraiser held in Vanderhoof on Saturday, October 8 for the Madison Scott Search Fund, which raised an unbelievable $72,250!  The event was sold out two weeks in advance and we are aware that many people who hoped to attend were not able to get tickets, yet they have supported us in so many other ways.

We are comforted and strengthened by the positive energy, the generosity, and the concern and kindness that the residents and businesses of Vanderhoof and area have extended to our family.  Since Maddy’s disappearance from Hogsback Lake on Saturday, May 28, the residents and businesses of Vanderhoof and area, including Prince George, have responded with faith, love and hope to our every need.

The actions, thoughts and prayers from all of you since Maddy went missing has gone far beyond the scope of friendship and community.  In our minds and in our hearts, Vanderhoof is the Little Town with the Big Heart and Prince George is a city that reaches out to its neighboring communities in need.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us, in a multitude of ways, continue each day to search for our precious girl.

Love, faith and hope to you all



Dawn and Eldon Scott and Family

Scott Truck Appeal Spreads

by Scott Peebles of the Prince George Citizen

Link to story on original complaint

The trucks bearing Madison Scott’s missing may have been banned from a provincial government display, but they can still be seen at prominent business locations all over Prince  George.

A vehicle emblazoned with the information of the missing Vanderhoof  youth had been parked, with Ministry of Transportation approval, at the corner of Highway 16 and 97 until someone from within the local car sales industry (identity not disclosed) complained that it was too much of an advertisement for the car company involved. The vehicle was owned by the Northland group operated by Brent Marshall.

Marshall turned instead to the Local business community to help get the message of the missing girl out. Now, a number of vehicles have been deca11ed with the Madison Scott disappearance message and are being parked at high-visibility spots across the city.

The vehicle at the highway junction was emblazoned with ”Northland Dodge”; the latest trucks are not. .’ ,

”’I think anybody’ would want to help, and Brent comes through our stores quite frequently, so we

got talking; and we and we saw that yeah this is a way we can help,” said Carol Beebe,  proprietor of five Tim Horton’s locations accepting vehicles on a rotational basis.

“Just as a parent, I couldn’t not do it. I feel for the family. I hope it works to generate some tips. We have had posters up in our locations for quite a while and we just really hope information comes in”.  McDonald’s Restaurants, Earl’s Restaurants, Daily Queen and others have joined the effort.  “Great to see the support of this community,” said Marshall. “It’s what makes PG great”

Scott, 20, went missing on May 28 from a campsite at Hogsback Lake were she was attending a party. Anyone with information about Scott’s disappearance is asked to call the Vanderhoof RCMP at (250) 567-2222. Or if you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1·800·222·TIPS.  CrimeStoppers offers additional rewards for helpful information


Sandra-Wayne K. > Vanderhoof, the little town with the BIG HEART

Vanderhoof, the little town with the BIG HEART ♥ The benefit went far beyond the scope of friendship and community. Our family is overwhelmed by the generosity, concern and support from you all; those who were able to attend the benefit and those who weren’t able to attend….. we are fueled by the support you all give us…. every day, in every way. We can soldier on because of all of YOU! And, most importantly, as Cora said earlier, Maddy will feel the energy, love, hope and faith and come home to us all

. God bless all of you for your acts of kindness, your courage to help, your love for our family and for believing in justice, peace and goodwill.

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Nils playing Hope is Your Way Home at fundraiser

If it doesn’t play try downloading the MP4 video file.

[FMP poster=”http://madisonscott.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/nils_hope_is_your_way_madison_fund_raiser.png” width=”640″ height=”480″]http://madisonscott.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/nils_playing_hope_is_your_way_home_at_madison_fundraiser.mp4[/FMP]

Thanks for all the amazing help and words of support and love sent our way!

I will never tire of saying how amazed we are at all the huge effort put forth by friends, family, businesses, and complete strangers in our search for our beloved Madison

. It helps so much to counteract the malevolence in this world and reinforce the goodness that is in so many people!

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also updated the comments posted on the facebook group to this site.

Ad gripe parks missing girls poster

The Ministry of Transportation ordered Northland Chrysler Jeep Dodge to remove a vehicle promoting the search for missing Vanderhoof woman Madison Scott from the comer of Highway 16 and Highway 97 last week after it received complaints about it being used to promote the dealership.

Dealership owner Brent Marshall said the SUV had been a support vehicle for the Cops For Cancer-Tour de North.

Friends of the Scott family requested the vehicle be painted with a sign requesting information from the public regarding Scott’s disappearance.

After the tour the vehicle was parked – with Ministry of Transportation permission – on the ministry right-of-way near the  intersection.

‘We had to remove the vehicle after two days. They had had too many complaints about the vehicle.” Marshall said. “It’s really sad that someone would complain about it. We just want to bring awareness to the search for Madison.”

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