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  • Let the RCMP know of any information no matter how small pertaining to this case. We need the RCMP to be able to make progress on finding out what was the cause of Madison Scott’s death.
  • Donations for the Madison Scott Search Fund can be made at any credit union, account # 80234286, or by using the donate button on top right of this site. More information is on the donate page.


  • Hi my name is Alisha I just watched the show about Maddy’s disappearance
    It broke my heart and I just husband and I have a daughter the same age as Maddy when she vanished I couldn’t imaging what Maddy’s parents must be feeling I just pray for Maddy’s safe return back to her family and friends that love her dearly
    Alisha Trentham

  • Michael S Goodman

    Did the RCMP ever properly interrogate that “friend” of hers with whom she went “camping”.
    That girl is either guilty, or knows very well what happened at that campfire!

  • I watched a short youtube story about Maddie i feel so sorry for the family & i pray they find out what happened to their loved 1 i just wanted to comment to let them know her story is still in ppls mind im from OHIO USA

  • Very sorry for her family there is no way to know how hurt it can be thia has been on my mind since I saw the story yesterday prayers to her and her family hope she can be found and have her love ones together again from louisiana

  • Something about her friend, the last person to see her, is very fishy. I honestly think she had something to do with it. I’m betting they got into a pretty heated argument about her friend staying there with her that night. And she was then driven somewhere else and that’s why they can’t find her. I just hope they questioned that girl thoroughly and extensively. She knows more than she’s letting on. Nuff’ said….

  • Here in 2020 and still keeping Mandy in my thoughts. I was very young when she went missing but I constantly try to stay updated on her case now that I’m a young adult.

  • They Should ask the Free Masson where they put the body. Did they burn it ?! I’m sure they know with all the baby sacrifices, kids molested and the one they killed making peoples think its overdose but they used Anesthesic Intra-muscular medication. They are assisted by the RCMP their Project MAD… !!!

    The Payback is coming…..

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