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      I saw this article about this guy who lives in Nelson named Norman Pratt. He has helped the police locate missing people.
      Perhaps try him?

      Couldn’t hurt honestly.
      I’d definitely do it. He’s a psychic and has actually led police to missing people.

      • I can tell you that no psychic has ever solved a missing persons case, no matter what they tell you. Psychics are either deluded or fraudulent. They give people false hope, and have even been known to throw investigators off track. Please watch the documentary ” Is it real? Psychic Detectives” which is an expose of the lies of psychics who have claimed to have solved crimes.

        • Mediums are very real. Some have gifts beyond understanding. There are different levels too.

        • I talked with two of them , they are able to pinpoint victims where are located on the map, also pinpoint the agressors if it’s the case . This thread is to help , your comment doesn’t help.

          • Chantel Chance

            I agree with Catalin. Of course, you are entitled to your own thoughts and beliefs. However, this thread should be used in a positive manner to uplift and support the family. Not to come on here and bash people based on your own beliefs and opinions. If you want to debate on the topic, take it to YouTube. Don’t come onto the family’s page with your negative comments. WRONG platform….. Not to mention, disrespectful to the family.

        • You have false expectations. Psychic dont find people. They act as a witnesses. Giving profile info. Clues. Police solve crimes. I am clairvoyant, I know where she is..just not exact location.

          • In fact, there are 3-5 victims, that I see

            • Hello Leigh,

              I hope you don’t mind me contacting you I very much believe in psychic abilities and am wondering if you have seen anything else about her location? Have you been to where she last was? Personally I think a psychic is the only way this will be solved. I have followed this sad case since she first went missing and to me it is obvious that someone (or more than one person) knows what happened and has chosen to stay silent. I think her so called friend that left her knows a lot more than she’s saying! Anyways, I really am very interested in knowing if you have seen anything else. Thanks for your effort, I can’t imagine her family doesn’t appreciate any help no matter what type of help it is. My heart goes out to all of her loved ones, I can’t even imagine. Thanks again!

            • I devoted 6 months of my life on this case.. The older cases are more difficult.. Its just not as easy as people think.. But.. I feel they had met before.. In fact, she had been to his house, briefly.. She did something to make him angry.. Then, he just happen to show up there and recognized her truck.. He confronted her and things got out of hand.. I see her buried beneath a floor covered in squares.. like plywood.. possible tile.. .inside a structure..

              I hate to say more here in public.. wouldnt want to tip him off..

    • Hi, Im 23 years old and just given my opinion. Friends you party with are not your real friends. Anyone’s capable. Her friends story just ain’t sitting right with me. Things happen, people get to scared to talk. It’s a clueless situation and you never know what people are capable of. It could of been an accident or a fight. All I know is if it were the friends I party with which I’ve known for 6 7 years nobody would of said or did anything to help me. Someone that was there knows something cause in my heart I know atleast one decent person like myself wouldn’t let a girl be out there alone like that. I’m sorry that she didn’t have better friends with her that night. To be honest, if one of my friends didn’t want to leave I would of carryed that person out of there. TO THE TRUE FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD, I’m sorry for your loss.

      • Maddie was most likely a victim of the snuff murder Inc ring involving rcmp, vpd, politicians, police chief -former and former mayor campbell….pickton are body disposal crew…she will not be found…rcmp know about bush parties….there are sexual sadist on rcmp force as well as vpd and they get away with their crimes…this is a sickness that gets bigger and bigger and has no cure….for anyone who doesn’t believe look at the lonnie landrud story at radical press and youtube….deena braem was murdered by two rcmp and lonnie landrud tried to report her murder so your rcmp tried to murder him theirselves…you have a country run by sexual sadists, baby rapers and snuff porn addicts…sad…Canadians still can’t face the truth…how many will be murdered before they do…????..see…… and read the SYNOPSIS at end of pdf book

      • I also agree with Whitney. But it is the girl with dark hair pulled up that just won’t leave me. When she was speaking I could feel the guilt. There is something there. I wish I could provide more details but all I can share is this certainty of her being involved.

      • I agree with Whitney as well…True friends dont leave you alone at any camp or party anywhere. We all know how unsafe it is on this planet. We have to many sicko’s all around us…

      • Great comment my Dear, absolutely correct and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Why isn’t the RCMP solving this case? Why is it so difficult to ping that phone? There’s something not adding up here, no person knows the folks that was at that party? Complete bull. How on Earth? you were extremely drunk had the presence of mind to go home but not insist your friend does too, you are no friend whatsoever! and I hope you continue to feel that guilt in your heart until you understand the brevity of your actions that night. This is so sad for the love ones involved…a heart wrenching case I can’t come to terms with it…hurts me to the core. She isn’t alive and that pervert who took her you are going to suffer on this Earth more than she ever did! That’s a promise.

      • Great thoughts I agree totally with those comments….fake friends. How on earth could you leave someone in an area like that without at least alerting their parents or the Authorities so they could have performed a welfare check and advise Maddie, I just can’t believe this it hurts to the core and I am actually over 6600 km from Canada in the Caribbean. Oh God what her parents and family has been dealing with in terms of the pain from their beloved daughter missing. Be strong parents and friends continue to search for Maddie till you all last breath.

    • She was taken by BIGFOOT.
      gone forever
      Read “MISSING 411”

      • Lee Browning you are such a jerk these people’s daughter/loved one is missing and all you can do is make wise cracks how would you or your family feel if you were missing and someone made a wise crack like you did on this poor beautiful girls site that’s missing

        internet troll strikes again aka Lee Browning.
        lord help him!!!

      • christine r rausch

        I do believe this is a Dave Paulides case too. Missing 411 for sure. There are SO many others that have literally disappeared like her.

    • How about someone posing as a cop or authority figure such as park ranger, game warden etc? Such a person waking her up in the wee hours of the morning, maybe with a badge, gun or flashlight, could gain her cooperation long enough to “arrest” her and get her out of the camp without much disturbance or signs of struggle.

    • Laura jackson

      I watched the you tube documentary and I to believe her friend knows exactly what happened. I watch enough crime shows, that girl was completely lying. If you were in America our police would have put that girl in a room for hours on end and interrogated the hell out of her until she cracked and told the truth. But I guess they do it different in Canada? That’s crazy. The cops need to talk to her because I guarantee she knows what happened. She was to drunk to stay?! Then how the hell did she leave. And why would she leave her friend. No way I don’t believe her. She has your answers I promise you.

    • I agree with Whitney in total as mentioned earlier and Laura I agree with most of what you said here too, but make no mistake about it the RCMP are extremely clever and one of the best in the world at solving these kind of crimes, what is sad here is fact that they are not saying much to compromise the little info that they got and also it is a crime that is best solved by a witness and that is why they are having such a difficult time. The friend knows nothing her crime was she left her friend for dead and she will be serving that sentence of guilt until the day she dies, she can’t help. The offender will have to pay for his crimes somewhere or somehow he will pay, I guarantee you.

    • Madison Scott comnents: lie detector tests can be beaten, the man who claimed he knew what happened and was then beheaded two weeks after an interview with RCMP is something to follow up… the kinds of people who deal drugs and money and are violent enough to kill, probably also market young women in human trafficking….the proximity to transportation corridors would increase that likelihood; the questions are; what gangs operate up there? what human trafficking rings are there? Who needed money that might have known she would be there…whether it was someone who happened along or not? are there any human traffickers operating along tge trucking routes? I am sure RCMP is checking, but sometimes people know things about prostitution but do not want to talk about it or they do not think it would relate…..and tgat is how these people get away with it…..spread your network out into tge U.S. too. Prayers for everyone who loves and misses this young woman.

    • First and foremost, I want to convey my heartfelt sympathy to the Scott family, as a father of three grown children, I cannot image your pain, but I can conceive of it as my wife and I feel about our sons as you feel about your children, they are your life, they are your babies, no matter how old they are. The young man who was killed shortly after Madison went missing is very suspicious, I know the investigators have stated they do not believe his death was connected to her disappearance, but I can only wonder if what they state publically is not what they know privately…it’s how investigations are conducted…

      The friend, Jodi (I believe) certainly comes across very oddly – the sideways glances to the left are telling, during the 48 Hours documentary, she practically crowed about being told by the RCMP investigators that she, “Aced the polygraph”…very odd, I understand that polygraphs are not admissible in court due to their lack of veracity, but it was still a very odd way to phrase that…is she saying she went into the test(s) expecting a different outcome? If so, why? If one truly knows nothing, then being concerned about ‘acing’ a polygraph test would not ever occur to one…I’m sure the RCMP investigators see this as well…

      I’ve seen some comments about the RCMP, I am not a LEO, but the RCMP is a world-class LE agency, they have put significant resources into the investigation, anything they can’t handle would certainly be available to them through the US or the UK…

      Someone (or someones) know what happened to Maddie, as an arm-chair detective with no direct knowledge of this case, I believe someone of either (purported or real) authority, or someone who was trying to be ‘friendly’, convinced Maddie to go with them as she was somehow in ‘danger’…she grabbed her keys and her iPhone and left, she took the minimum any of us would have grabbed if we needed to leave for a short time and were not driving…JMHO…

      Again, God bless and prayers for the Scott family and for Maddie, I believe the truth will come out, someone knows and please keep this out in the open…

    • Alyssa Worden

      I believe her friend Jodi had something to do with Maddies disappearance. Friends dont leave friends up there with no service especially a beautiful young girl. That tells me that the people she was with aren’t here real friends and they were all drunk. I think someone woke her up in the middle of the night and made her get in the vehicle. I was at hogsback last sunday with my husband and friends and I even got the shivers and creeped out I want to camp there this summer with friends but I’m to scared to now it’s a beautiful place but after what happened I would have night mates why do people have to ruin it for others it’s a beautiful park but now I’m not sure if I want to stay there knowing someone went missing I can’t imagine what maddies family is going through right now and my condolences go out to the scott family I’m always here if the scott family wants to chat its horrible what happened. I hope u guys have answers soon the scott family can always give me a call I’m from chilliwack and I’m always here if you guys want to talk I care. 1 604 793 3501. I’m sorry your daughter is missing u can give me a call I just want to help she’s a beautiful young lady and seems very responsible give me a call sometime the scott family I’m here for you 1604 793 3501

    • is the bird tattoo for sure on her left wrist

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