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From oldest to newest (updated May 31 2023)

Friday May 27th 2011

Madison and a female friend went out to Hogsback lake for a party with the intention of camping overnight. It appears there were around 46 people at the party Friday night, mostly 18 to 25 years old, and a few older partiers up to 40 years old. Almost all are from the Vanderhoof area. Madison’s friend who was going to stay with her left the party after midnight (2:30?) with a young man who lives close by in the Hogsback lake area.  Either Madison was left to camp by herself or left with someone else, though information to date says she was left there by herself. The time Madison was last seen has been reported as 2:45 to 3am.

Hogsback lake is located about 24.5 kms South East from Vanderhoof down the Blackwater road. See Google Map. It is a forestry campsite with 3 camping areas, a swiming area and dock. The lake is around 1 km long, and is surrounded by forest, with several trails leaving the campsite including a portion of the telegraph trail.

Saturday May 28th 2011

A couple of the partiers were back at Hogsback campsite the next day cleaning up (10am?) and saw her tent still standing and her truck  but they did not check if she was in the tent. There was no other tents or campers there.

There was a large party of around 150 people at the Hogsback campsite on Saturday night, and no one reports seeing Madison.

Madison’s parents were concerned as they had not heard from their daughter, but she is a responsible 20 year old so they did not report her missing.

Sunday May 29th 2011

With no word from Madison and her not answering her cell phone Madison’s parents went to the Hogsback lake campsite to look for her. They found her truck and her now flattened tent. Her purse was in the truck, but no sign of her and her cell phone. The police were called and the official search and rescue effort began. The RCMP and search and rescue teams from Vanderhoof, Prince George, Burns Lake and Fort St. James directed additional volunteer searchers. Grid searches of the area starting from the campsite began, with helicopter searches, and the lake was searched by boat and side searching sonar.

Monday May 3oth 2011

The official search and rescue team with additional volunteers continued  grid searching the area around Hogsback lake. More helicopter searching was done.  They thoroughly covered the whole area around the campsite and lake and did not see any sign of anyone leaving the area on foot or ATV on any of the trails or through the woods

People in the community make posters and start putting them up.

The RCMP investigation continues, a team of 14 members is assembled and a press release is issued.

Tuesday May 31st 2011

  • Friends, family and other volunteers continue grid searches in the area
  • Roads are searched by vehicles
  • Tails are searched by foot and ATV’s.
  • house to house canvasing begins
  • people across the province are contacted to spread the word and put up posters
  • A facebook group is started, and a temporary website.

Month of June 2011

  • The volunteer search covered so much ground. All the roads from Fraser Lake to Isle Piere were driven and any tracks leaving the road were investigated. Grid searches of all the trails around the hogs back area, nearby gravel pits. Surrounding trails and roads were driven with ATV’s and a lot were walked.  private land and buildings were searched. The Canadian Rangers were out searching for a weekend.
  • Extensive searching in the Hogsback area by helicopter.
  • Posters put up over most of BC
  • RCMP interviewing and polygraphing party goers. Following up on tips, cell phone records.

Since that first year Madison went missing:

  • RCMP continued their investigation with more interviews and polygraphs of party goers, following up on tips, and other leads. The case was reviewed by other RMCP divisions.
  • Lots more private searches in 2012 and 2013
  • Missing signs put up in the interior of British Columbia, small and large.
  • Missing posters sent far and wide.
  • Annual Poker ride 2012 to 2018 at Hogbacks lake to keep awareness and local community involvement. Proceeds went to the local community association, and funding for find maddy awareness campaign.
  • The case of Missing Madison Scott covered by podcast, and missing people sites etc.

2023 May


  • I really hope phone company tried to pin where her phone was or the last calls or anything

  • Have anyone try to track where her phone is if it works you can find her? I hope

  • I’ve been folowing Maddy’s story and I am devastated that she hasn’t been found and brought home yet!
    Who went back to the campsite after the party broke?
    Why, why would Ms. Bulduc leave her “best friend” alone there? It doesn’t matter how intoxicated I was, I would never, ever leave my friend like that. Shame on her!
    As a mother myself, I know this must be a ongoing nightmare for her parents.
    I will continue to pray for Madison and her family.
    I hope she is reunited with her family soon!
    My thoughts and prayers are with the Scott family.

    • How did ms. Holdup travel home if she was so drunk as she claimed. Also have the Scott’s tried using psychics some police departments have been successful with this

      • Psychics add nothing to an investigation. They have NEVER solved a crime. Never. They offer nothing but false hope. My thoughts on this are sniffer dogs…..if they had been used initially to help with the hunt for Maddison?

        • You are extremely incorrect. And the CIA used “psychics” to fight a war, they have been used to assist in MANY cases, REAL ones anyways, but seeing how you are obviously very uneducated on this subject, it really serves me no purpose to argue with you about it. It’s people like you who ran the Salem witch trials…

      • Someone drove her home

  • I just watched the documentary and I can not imagine what family and friends are going through. Truly heartbreaking.

    It said in the documentary that the search for her consisted in the northwest and stopped at Prince George. How come the search was not extended to the north east. I just don’t understand this. On the other side of pg, u have bear lake, whiskers point, Mackenzie, chetwynd, Fort St. John, tumbler and Dawson. The north east is also very remote and it boggles my mind, that the northeast was never looked in too. We have posters of Madison here but I don’t believe any searches were ever conducted., which is sad.

    Madison’s best friend Jordie. I have to agree with the poster, Terri. Something is just not right. The 48 hours documentary, her interview alone rubs me the wrong way.

    Hopefully 2016 is the year where she is found and reunited with her family.

    • I thought the Jordie interview on 48 hrs seemed odd also. She claimed she left the party, injured, around 1:00am (although the information above suggests it may have been around 2:30) but if she was injured, why would Maddy have begged her to stay?

    • Melissa Azucena

      I Completely Agree I Don’t Care How Intoxicated I Was Or Uncomfortable I Was I Would Never Have Left My Best Friend There Alone! I Noticed She Tried 2 Look Like She Cared But I Honestly Think She Knows More Then She’s Saying & Its Selfish Of Her 2 Not Share Everything She Knows Or Saw 2 Help Madison’s Family Have Closure!

      • I totally agree. She rubs me the wrong way from what I’ve seen. Saying that the RCMP told her she “aced” her polygraph, as she gives a smug grin.

        • Lisa, Maddie’s mum contacted me via email and said that this is not related to the highway of tears nor is Jordi involved. I think too many people are looking at the wrong people. I think the two documentaries on YouTube are not clear enough about this. We had this happen in our family and too many people who do not know what they are talking about weigh in with useless information. If you want to actually help donate your time or money.

          • I think jordy knows lots more than what she is stating. Anyone can fake a tear but if you look at her eyes no tears. She differently did something or knows stuff that she is not saying. Also this so called party – for kids in the woods – why let you kids go by themselves. Then you mix alcohol in the mix. One question that bothers me is why were there 40 s year old people .

    • Jordan and Maddison WERE NOT BEST FRIENDS! If you do any further research on Maddison disappearance, you will find that all documents, videos and comments state this fact!

  • Was a search of the vehicle that Madison’s girl friend left in conducted? Including Luminol and Epithilial DNA swabs ? Especially the trunk or rear bed? Who can confirm the injury that Jordie allegedly suffered? statistically the overwhelming odds are that if she died due to foul play she knew her killer?

  • I agree with previous posters, jordies interview seemed off, I believe she knows more than she’s letting on. Coming from a twenty year old there is no way two friends would split up, especially if heavily intoxicated and in the middle of no where. In the interview she said she left because she was ‘too drunk’ that just seems odd! Her whole vibe in that interview stinks of hiding something. If it was up to me, that girl would be reexamined and questioned. I can’t imagine what the family are going through, and my thoughts are with you. I watch lots of missing person videos online but madisons 48 hour documentary really effected me and I hope and pray you get closer one way or another x

  • That friend knows something!!! She wanted to go home cause she was hurt??? She was so drunk?? In my opinion she wouldn’t have know she was hurt until she sobered up if she was as drunk as she claimed. And how did she get home? Why didn’t she report her missing when she went back the next morning or call and ask her mother where she was? She is suspicious!! And not one tear shed on the video I watched. I would feel so guilty for leaving my best friend now missing I would still cry about it. My heart breaks for the family I couldn’t imagine the heartache. I sure hope she is found.

    • Jordy has been cleared by the police. Move on. You can not judge a person’s guilt or innocence by watching a television show. There is no reason why she would harm Maddison. She left because she was injured. She asked Maddison to come with her but she declined.

  • Anyone know if the lake has been searched?
    Just curious. I don’t think her friend is suspect….she left with a guy. She doesn’t want to say she left to hook up so she says she was injured and drunk.
    Her friend says madison was already gone to bed when she was leaving…
    I think it is an abduction.

    • Who is the person (s) Madison’s friend left with. That person (s) need to be re-interviewed. Was that vehicle searched. That person (s) would have been aware that Madison was staying at the lake overnight on her own.

      • In my opinion, that entire area has be be searched again, including the north area on the other side of the lake. People at party need to be re-interviewed afterbthey interview driver and oyjersnin the vehicle that drove Madisons friend home. Are their homes or farms around the area, abandoned sheds, etc that have not been identified and searched. I am thinking that the rings may have been removed from her hand and taken back to the party and tossed by her tent to cover their tracks. I have been following the news of the disappearance of Madison from the start. It is very disturbing that a 19 or 20 yr old friend would leave her friend camping alone at a bush party, especially when there was lot drinking going on. Did her friend try calling or texting Madison the next morning to check on her. I hope she is found soon,

    • Me too. I believe her case is linked to the highway of tears. Jordy would have no reason to suddenly harm her friend.

  • What was her cell number I had a guy text me from 3 different cell phones acting like 3 different people very weird I’d say ……I reported it to the vanderhoof police but their not professional investigators just saying it’s weird for a man to have 3 different cell phones all smartly hidden but I found them

    • Not weird to have 3 cell phones. I have 2 and a tablet. One for work, home and personal.

      • I am an fbsm provider and knowing what I know about individuals who conceal cellular devices or separate apps to allow for recreational entertainment on the side, it is not uncommon at all for men to hide these particular devices let alone own them. I also own three phones, but there are other factors to consider when an individual has multiple phones…just saying…

  • First time ever hearing about this story. Sorry she hasn’t been found.
    What kind of friends would leave her alone? The story just sounds odd. She told her parents she was camping but did something else. Alot of teens and her age still do that. These girls are never found becauae they lie about where they are going and by the time parents figure out its been too long and dont know where to look.

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