Thank you so much to the crew ( Metcalf’s etc) that stopped at Hogsback

Dawn Scott (From facebook group)
April 19 at 8:24pm

Thank you so much to the crew ( Metcalf’s etc) that stopped at Hogsback this morning , spoke with my brother Brad , who was camped there , and proceeded to clear most of the quad trail today for the poker ride !! Not a day has gone by since Maddy has been missing that we haven’t been forever grateful for all the love & support . Thank you all

  • D. M. We were glad to be able to help.
    • April 20 at 7:39pm
  • C. K.  Wow, that’s amazing!!
    • April 20 at 10:28pm

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  • Just saw this story. My heart and prayers with her family. Someone has to know something. Did she go to sleep alone in her tent? No other tents nearby? My fear is maybe she was drugged then was taken and they took her away from that area. I see all the time people taken for sex trafficking. They keep them drugged so they don’t even know who or where they are. Sometimes sent off to different countries. Very sad. If it was just a crime they would if found something by now in those areas they searched. Has anyone tried speaking to someone like a medium. I don’t know to believe in that but seen some on tv who may have abilities. Praying this is solved so this family and community can rest and have some peace. God bless you all

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