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T. P. > Mark Saturday MAY 25th on your calendar! We will be hosting another Maddy poker Ride.

Mark Saturday MAY 25th on your calendar! We will be hosting another Maddy poker Ride on this day. Poster and more details to follow in the next few weeks ♥

  • H. G. > I hope Maddy is home for this ride!!
  • T. P. > me too! what a party that will be!!!
  • T. F.> I’ve been thinking a lot about Maddy and her family lately…. It’s beyond time for her to be home!!

P. O. > Photo: Madison bracelets…


  • K.F > Where can we get these?
  • C. L. > I think the credit union in Vanderhoof. Not sure where else.
  • K. F. > Thank you! I guess I will be making a trip to buy one then. Thanks so much!
  • T. P. > yes the credit union in Vanderhoof.
  • S. N. > I wish I could get 1.
  • F. N. > Someone could probably send you one in the mail!

F. N. > … think of you every single day….

Madison, I don’t post on here that often anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t think of you every single day. Every day I hope that it’s the day you come home

. I can’t believe that you are still gone. If you read this remember that there are so many people thinking about you and wishing you would come home as soon as possible. We all hope to hear from you soon. ♥ Hope ♥ Love ♥ Faith ♥

C. K. > People make mistakes…..

People make mistakes. People can gain respect by owning up to mistakes. Withholding information that may help bring Maddy home is an intended this to me is not just a mistake or oopsy i forgot. There has been many days that have passed to own up to a i forgot or a
mistake was made choices of poor judgement made Someone knows where maddy is and she will be found and the truth will be known. Write it on a paper drop it in a mailbox. Just let her go home now. We will find out her disappearance will never be put to the side it is an everyday thought and there are many ears and eyes watching for that slip of info that will lead us to the truth. Be brave write a note leave it somewhere to be found do it today.

  • D. W. > The Truth always comes out. Better to speak up now.

Copied from the Help Find Madison Scott Facebook Group

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