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J. W. > … I had a dream about her, ..

I swear unaware of this being the day she went missing and not checking this site in awhile I had a dream about her, kinda shocked when I woke up and looked at this site because I woke up from talking with her at 2:57 am. Some one needs to find her. Bring her home, let her rest cause she is trying to come home too!

Prayer Warriorette > Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of Madison’s disappearance;

Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of Madison’s disappearance; two whole years of heartache for her family, friends and community. We don’t know any of these people, nor do we know Madison. However, we are still greatly effected; stuff like this should never happen to anyone at any given time. Madison is a living-breathing human being, how can anyone wish to bring harm upon her ? Why ? My deepest prayers are for the individual/s responsible or the person/s who may know of Maddy’s whereabouts to be so filled with regret that he/she/they will come forward today. Imagine the turmoil that can end today, the turmoil of many. Please let me add that as a people ( does not matter if we are red, black, yellow or white ) , we each have a sacred duty to love one another – that means to honor each other with care and compassion. Our Prayers: Creator-God, today we stand before you alongside Madison Scott’s family to ask for a miracle. We ask that Madison be found so that her family can have peace. Since the disappearance of their loved one, this family has not rested properly. When they are sick with worry and despair than they can not eat to nourish their bodies. Their hearts and souls are shattered, for they love Madison that much. Madison’s disappearance goes deeper than all that, because Lord it effects every area of this family’s daily life. How can it not ? I humbly pray for the person/s responsible for Madison’s disappearance to have a spiritual awakening and do the right thing today. Amen. Much love & hugs to Maddy’s family and friends ~ you are not alone dear ones.

  • M.J.  amen!
  • S. M. > Amen
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  • T. N. > Amen
  • C. P. > Amen – to pray for “our enemies” is the obeying of God’s Word. That they may be convicted in their hearts and reverse the damage that’s been done and be forgiven (like the rest of us)!!!!
  • D. B. > Amen
  • H. C > Amen
  • T. J. > Amen
  • C. F. > Amen
  • M. S. > thank you for writing this. Madisons family is so important to us and we all wish she will be returned to them
  • R. P. > Amen
  • Evelyne Brown amen
  • P. A. > Amen!
  • S. P. > Amenheart-icon-from-FB
  • E. P. > Amen, Love Hope Peace
  • T. F. > well said and thank-you!
  • J. W. > Amen
  • M. K. > Amen.
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  • D. W. >heart-icon-from-FB
  • E. B. >  Amen
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  • T. S. > geez I cant imagine what you are going thru, 2 years.. wow.. this has to come to an end sometime… thinking of you guys and maddy often….
  •  L. S. >Our prayers go out to you!
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