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E. B. > To Mr & Mrs Scott, I sat last night thinking of you all picked up a pen and wrote a few words

To Mr & Mrs Scott,

I sat last night thinking of you all picked up a pen and wrote a few words to share with you and also if people who know where Maddy is /or if your reading this page I truly hope you will come to realize what you have done and how you have hurt not only the Scott family but many others
I hope this will help you all and will bring Maddy one step closer to being home

A daughters touch, A daughters kiss
An empty chair, A daughters love no longer there
A broken heart, Tear filled eyes, many memories in our minds
Some we laugh, some we cry
The times we shared , the laughs we had
The last hug, The last kiss The last “goodbye”
Leaves us with one last wish
To have you Daughter here today

Please know a day doesn’t go by that Maddy enters my mind, and is in my prayers
PLEASE whoever has her or knows anything SEND HER HOME

  • J. B. > Hodson Lovely and heart breaking
  • S. D. > A beautiful poem written from the heart…
  • T. S. > So sad she s gone
  • E. P. > beautiful poem,
  • W. C. > I still have my Yellow Ribbons up…2 on the Door and 1 VERY LONG ONE Tied on a pole flying in my Yard….
  • J. K. > yeah , i thought of her today in vancouver at the buskerfest. I just felt all the people there needed to know to look out for her. never met her, but a friend of jasmines is by default a friend of mine. hope the vanderhoof summer treats you all well.


S. D. > To those who know where Maddy is…

To those who know where Maddy is…
It’s Summertime..are you happy when the day is warm and sunny…when you go outside and see the beauty of the Summer trees and flowers…when you meet your friends for a barbecue or just drive around and see the happy people just enjoying life ?
Does it hurt you when you think of Maddy ? Do you ever think how you have deprived her of all this ? How, because of you, she remains in a dark place. Do you ever consider how this beautiful young woman does not deserve what you are putting her and her family through ? You could put a stop to this. You could do the best thing you will ever have done in your life and restore Maddy to her friends and family. When everything comes out into the open, people will ask you…why did you let this go on for so long ? Why didn’t you help Maddy to come back sooner ? What will you say then ?
One day you will have to answer for what you have done. You can’t carry on like this for ever…..

  • C. K. >I would love to share this well said
  • E. B. > so true very well said
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