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Encouraging words from Maddy’s uncle

I haven’t written here for quite a while, but I haven’t stopped constantly thinking about my fantastic niece Madison

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. I think of her when I see a sunflower growing in a garden, or a plastic one at the ice cream stand, when I play hockey as it is one of her passions, when my teenage girls are figuring out who they are and stressing me out in the process, looking at a beautiful sunset or a picture of one as she loves taking pictures, when I see a tattoo on a young women, any time I read about another missing person,
watching a motocross bike carving out a line,
yes I think about her all the time.

We will never stop, looking, hoping, loving, missing, thinking, about Madison!

Spreading the word all the way in Utah! ‪#‎findmaddy‬

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WE BELIEVE! Encouraging people still working hard at bringing Maddy Home! People from all over BC and even Utah!

Thanks 🙂

A video made by Bradley Higgins: Maddy please come home!

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Positive comments from some amazing people! Thanks for the support!!

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Time to come home!!

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Awww Maddy! Your dear friend Andrea and all of your friends and family and many members in communities world wide have not given up!! Please come home xoxoxo

“Everyone is in it to win it, to find Maddy and Spread awareness.”

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Dawn asked that I share this

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. Faith Hope Love  <3


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