Keeping spreading the awareness! Maddy please come home!!!

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10696350_10204746790322408_5508782254330321462_n16402_10204746783442236_109099005782617493_n  10850043_10204746782922223_5404709788872265194_nKeeping the awareness out there that Maddy is still missing! At the Vanderhoof Parade of lights, Madison Geraldine Scott has been missing for 1288 LONG and painful days! We can’t and WON’T stop looking until she is found!!



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  • Jordy said that there were some people that showed up the first night at the party at hogs back that were rowdy… in her delivery of the statement i got the impression she may not have known these “rowdy” people…. were the vehicles checked of all those people that were polygraphed? and were all the people accounted for that were there?

    What were the k9 reaction to the site and search areas?

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