DON’T HOLD BACK! (letter in Prince George Citizen)

Madison Scott of Vanderhoof aged 20 has been missing since May 2011.
She disappeared without trace and the RCMP believe that information is being withheld which would lead to her being found.
It is to the people withholding this information that I am appealing.
The Scott family are dealing with constant unrelenting,fear,heartache and worry that never lets go.
Please find the courage and honesty to provide the information to bring Maddy home

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Speak with the others involved with you. Talk to loved ones about it.  Do not keep it to yourself .
To contact the RCMP in Vanderhoof  1-250-567-2222
If you wish to remain anonymous phone Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477
Thank you
Vanderhoof Resident

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