Press Release: The Vanishing of Madison Scott

January 5, 2014


Dear Editor:

We are writing to ask your newspaper to print the attached statements to help raiseawareness of our daughter, Madison Scott, who has been missing from Hogsback Lake, BC since May 28, 2011.  We wish to encourage your readers to watch a documentary that has been released titled, ‘The Vanishing of Madison Scott’.  The film can be accessed by going on to the website

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.  It is our hope that through the viewing of the documentary and by reading the website that someone, somewhere will have information that will leadto finding Madison and bringing her home.


We thank you very much.Yours sincerely,Dawn &  Eldon Scott Family & Search Team



  • Linda Little Smith

    My (then) 28 yr old daughter walked out of her group home on Dec 1st 2010 from Cambridge Ontario and vanished into thin air. Watching your amazing video broke my heart. I understand only too well what you, your family and friends are dealing with. I wish you all the very best of luck in finding Maddy..and send you all my love to help keep you strong.

  • Rob Joly father of Luke Joly Durocher

    How to deal with a missing child, as parents we find ways , we need to find ways , nobody but a parent of a missing child can understand the emteyness in our lives as we live each and every day searching for clues to what happen to our child, it’s hard to understand how someone that knows where our child is, or what happen to them, can live there lives as if everything is ok, I sit an wonder how Thay sleep at night .
    On the night of March 04/2011 , our son Luke Joly Durocher disappeared from North Bay, Ontario. He got refused from a bar on where his 2 friends entered, servelance video seen him walking west on Main Street, he vanished , and has never been seen again, we believe there are people who no what happen to him that cold night, with a $10.000.00 reward out ,the investigation continues, we wait for someone out there to come forward.
    I seen Maddy,s story when it first aired, as a parent I wish you all the best, never give up hope for your child, and never give up the search, as you are not alone.

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